census of commercially available models, kits, decals, and accessories.
Here is the listing for vehicles of every kind: civilian and military, armoured and soft-skinned; self propelled, horse drawn, and railway. Brands which produce in 1/76 such as Airfix, Fujimi, JB, and Matchbox are not listed here for obvious reasons, although one should be cautious as later reboxings can sometimes be erroneously marketed as 1/72. The Esci kits formed the backbone of the range 1/72 military vehicles for many years and are sadly no longer in production, although Italeri is now re-releasing selected examples of these toolings. They can still quite easily be obtained from
second hand dealers, kit swap meets, and Ebay. Esci was the definitive military vehicle kit producer until Revell Germany more recently began its range with totally new toolings. The Revell range is now considered the benchmark for miltary vehicles. The resurgence of the popularity of 1/72 military vehicles is due mainly to the synergy created by the recent release of some good quality kits and the hobby of wargaming, which is enjoying a renaissance. For a very comprehensive overview of brand reboxing, scale discrepencies and reviews of military vehicle kits, go offsite to On The Way!
Aviation ground support vehicles, 20th century onwards.
Civilian vehicles of all kinds: cars, buses, trucks, etc; late 19th century onwards.
Horse-drawn carts, chariots, coaches & wagons; all eras up to 1945.
Military vehicles of all kinds, World War I.
Military vehicles of all kinds, between the World Wars.
Military vehicles of all kinds, World War II.
Military vehicles of all kinds: post World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, & modern.
Railcars, trains, & trams; 20th century onwards.
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1/72 complete listing of scale model vehicle kits in 1/72 complete list of scale models in 1:72 complete list of scale model kits in 1:72 complete listing of military vehicle scale models in 1:72 complete listing of scale model kits in 1:72 total list of 1/72 kits total list of 1/72 models total list of 1/72 scale models total list of 1/72 scale model kits total list of 1:72 kits total list of 1:72 models total list of 1:72 scale models total list of 1:72 scale model kits list all model kits list all scale models one to seventy two second 1" = equals 6' 1 inch equals 6 feet foot constant scale model list scale model kit list scale model kit listing scale model listing scale model kit index scale model index scale model glossary scale model guide scale model kit catalogue scale model catalogue scale model comparison scale model compendium scale model kit review scale model review scale model kit directory scale model directory scale model kit inventory scale model inventory scale model tally scale model table kit tabulation kit chart 1/72 scale model kit almanac 1/72 scale model kit bibliography 1/72 kit census 1/72 model census 1/72 scale model census 1/72 kit survey 1/72 model survey 1/72 scale model survey 1:72 central reference 1:72 database 1:72 listing 1:72 reference resource 1/72 central reference 1/72 database 1/72 listing 1/72 reference resource 1/72 kit central reference 1/72 kit database 1/72 kit listing 1/72 kit reference resource 1/72 model central reference 1/72 model database 1/72 model listing 1/72 model reference resource 1/72 scale model central reference 1/72 scale model database 1/72 scale model listing 1/72 scale model reference resource 1/72 die-cast central reference 1/72 die-cast database 1/72 die-cast listing 1/72 die-cast reference resource the central reference resource for 1/72 scale modellers hobby recreation pastime aftermarket part aftermarket decal aftermarket accessories after-market accessory decal transfer chemical etch chemical etching photo-etch photo etching plastic resin acrylic brass nickel silver copper aluminium aluminum injection molded white metal diecast die cast die-cast vac form vac-form vacu-form vacuum form vehicle tank truck 1/72 semi trailer car 1/72 utility van 1/72 ute saloon estate 1/72 sports car convertible GT 1/72 grand tourer 1/72 gran turismo 1/72 prime mover police 1/72 emergency vehicle 1/72 ambulance 1/72 fire engine 1/72 fire truck 1/72 fire appliance 1/72 dump truck 1/72 automobile 1/72 omnibus 1/72 bus 1/72 AFV 1/72 A.F.V. 1/72 Armoured Fighting Vehicle truck armoured car 1/72 Main Battle Tank 1/72 MBT 1/72 M.B.T. 1/72 Self Propelled Howitzer 1/72 Self Propelled Gun 1/72 SPG 1/72 Armoured Personnel Carrier 1/72 APC 1/72 A.P.C. 1/72 recovery vehicle 4WD 4X4 6X6 Chobham armour reactive armour applique armour zimmerit infra red 1/72 articulated soft skinned vehicle soft-skinned vehicle 1/72 military vehicle 1/72 horse drawn wagon 1/72 horse-drawn cart 1/72 coach stage caravan prairie schooner coach 1/72 horse drawn carriage 1/72 horse & cart 1/72 chariot buggy gig 1/72 covered wagon 1/72 pioneer wagon 1/72 civilian figure 1/72 soldier troop 1/72 personnel 1/72 ground crew 1/72 pilot tanker force Armies Army Armed Forces World War One WW1 WWI World War Two WW2 WWII Vietnamese Korean Middle East 6 Six Day War of Attrition Gulf War Battle Campaign Operation Desert Storm Operation Granby Operation Daguet canopy windscreen windshield turret pod mudflap chassis drive shaft gearbox engine turbo supercharge V8 V12 hydraulic suspension rear view mirror bumper winch bull bar glacis plate sponson hull superstructure nozzle platoon section battalion brigade company division regiment squadron cavalry track link tyre wheel sprocket hatch engine cockpit snorkel amphibian amphibious weapon missile cannon ammunition bomb rocket rifle barrel exhaust pipe trunnion steering wheel construct paint scheme colour color scheme FS 595a 595b BS 381C NF X08-002 RAL RLM AS 2700 authentic historic replica detail true-to-life reproduction replica miniature part component runner sprue tree box package blister pack Is there a kit of Is there a model of Where can I find a kit of Where can I find a model of Does a model exist? Does a kit exist? kit list The List model list of every kit available in 1/72 list of every model available in 1/72 list of every scale model available in 1/72 list of all kits available in 1/72 list of all scale models available in 1/72 list of all models available in 1/72 list all kits available in 1/72 list all scale tank models available in 1/72 list all AFV models available in 1/72 entire list of truck kits available in 1/72 entire list of vehicle models available in 1/72 entire list of AFV scale models available in 1/72 entire listing of car kits available in 1/72 entire listing of auto models available in 1/72 entire listing of vehicle scale models available in 1/72
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