petitions to industry.
Here are the current petitions for vehicle subjects, both civil and military, armoured and soft-skinned. Please be precise when quoting how many kits you would buy and the versions and colour schemes you would like to see. Because of the need to give manufacturers a clear indication of actual demand, we ask that you restrict your participation only to those subjects you intend to actually purchase once released. Petitions will change from time to time.
9P71 Oka 'Spider' missile launcher truck
9P113 Luna-M 'Frog-7' missile launcher truck
9P117 Elbrus 'Scud' missile launcher truck
9P129 Tochka 'Scarab' missile launcher truck
Centurion MBT
Chieftain MBT
Fire trucks (modern)
Flakpanzer Gepard
Ford F100 series
Ground Support service vehicles
Jeep Cherokee
M41 Walker Bulldog
M48 series
M109 series
M551 Sheridan
MAZ-535, 537 series
Mercedes Unimog 1300 series
Refuelling trucks (modern)
tank transporters
Fullfilled Requests:
A big "Thank you!" to the following companies for releasing kits previously requested as petitions:
Ariete C1 MBT Released by Trumpeter. Directly requested by us.
Landrover Released by Hongwell in diecast form.
LAV-25 series Released by Trumpeter.
M26 Pershing Released by Trumpeter and Pegasus.
M60 Patton Released by Revell as requested in the petition. This kit has markings for Egypt and Greece, as well as the US Army.
M996/998/1025 'Humvee' series Released by Revell as requested in the petition. Also by Dragon with applique armour.
M997 'HEMMT' series Released by Academy.
S-300 radar vehicle Released by PST as requested in the petition.
Strv-103 S-tank Released by Trumpeter and in resin by Calibre 35
Strv-122 Released by Revell.
tank transporters Faun SLT 50-3 Elefant released by Revell, M26 Dragon Wagon released by Academy.

since 09/10/03. Last updated 16/05/13.
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