petitions to industry.
We have organised a series of independently-vetted petitions in order to encourage industry to respond to modellers' demands. This is your chance to participate to the future of your hobby, and to influence what the scale model manufacturers produce. Please take a moment to look through and sign the ones you are interested in. Once a suitable number of signatures is obtained, the individual petition will be closed and presented to the relevant manufacturers directly. Because of the need to give manufacturers a clear indication of actual demand, we ask that you restrict your participation only to those subjects you intend to actually purchase once released. Petitions will change from time to time.
Models from TV and film, anything not real.
Propeller driven aircraft, jets, helicopters, seaplanes, and flying boats from all eras, both military and civil, as well as air-launched ordnance, UAV's, and ground-launched missiles.
People and animals from all eras.
Buses, cars, motorbikes, tanks and other armoured vehicles, railcars, trains, trams, trucks, aircraft ground support equipment, as well as horse-drawn wagons, carts, and chariots, both military and civil.
New paint colours.

since 09/10/03. Last updated 25/11/04.
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