census of commercially produced models, kits, decals, and accessories.
Welcome to the Census Main Menu. The listings are arranged logically according to genre, type, and era, rather than according to kit brand. This will allow you to find models relevant to a given theme far more easily. We have also included a search function should you find site navigation too tiresome. Please note that this site deliberately does not list every available model of a given type; only the most accurate. In some cases there will only be one kit or ready-made model available of the subject, often the only one available in any scale, and this will be listed regardless of quality. Sometimes 2 or more model manufacturers producing a kit of the same subject will be listed where each offers an attribute the other doesn't or where a comparison between them is inconclusive. There is no distinction made between an item that is currently in production, out of production, or announced for future release. The reason for this is that availability varies widely from merchant to merchant, and out-of-production items can be obtained through second-hand merchants, swap meets, and online auction sites such as Ebay. As more products come onto the market, previous items may be superceded or bettered, so the Census will change over time.

Impartial reviews of key models will be included from time to time to assist the modeller in making a decision regarding a prospective purchase. These reviews will focus on the accuracy of the model compared

to the real thing, rather than how many parts it has or how easy it is to build (in the case of a kit) because a modeller's skill, given time, can overcome almost any degree of construction difficulty... whereas serious innacuracies can require the equivalent effort of a complete scratch-build to rectify, thereby eliminating the whole point of a kit in the first place: to save time and sanity compared to building from scratch.

The catalogue numbers shown in the Census are in most cases the original manufacturer's number, as merchants tend to apply their own proprietary numbers and they can all be different from each other. In some cases where a manufacturer's catalogue number is not available or not known (eg Sharkit or RealSpace), a typical merchant's catalogue number may be shown. In many cases generic terms like 'Models' or 'Products' have been dropped from company names, except in cases where names are similar: eg 'HR Products' and 'HR Models' are two separate companies. Bear these issues in mind when searching for these items on the Web. Some of the entries have additional information which can be accessed by pausing the mouse arrow over the top of the entry for approximately 2 seconds. Examples would be a brief description of the item or, in the case of conversion parts, detail parts, and paint masks; the brand of kit the item is intended for. Such entries are marked thus: .

Models from TV and film, anything not real.
Real-world capsules, satellites, shuttles, stations, rockets, and proposed real-world projects.
Propeller driven aircraft, jets, helicopters, seaplanes, and flying boats from all eras, both military and civil, as well as air-launched ordnance, UAV's, and ground- launched missiles.
People and animals from all eras.
Buses, cars, motorbikes, tanks and other armoured vehicles, railcars, trains, trams, trucks, aircraft ground support equipment, as well as horse-drawn wagons, carts, and chariots, both military and civil.
Artillery, ammunition, cannon, guns, small arms and other weapons, from all eras.
Boats, galleons, ships, and yatchs, both military and civil, from all eras.
Buildings, structures, scenery, and accessories.
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Prose, illustrations, & website design ? 2002 72scale.com except where noted. All rights reserved. Boxart and decal artwork shown for the purposes of review only. Copyright should be respected. Seek the permission of the copyright holder before duplicating any artwork. Census compiled from information in the public domain, and accuracy is not guaranteed. Please contact us if you discover an error. A product's inclusion in the Census does not guarantee availability; check with merchants for availability. This site is a reference resource, not a merchant. Reviews and recommendations are intended as a guide only: the modeller should inspect the item first-hand and determine for themselves whether the item is fit for their requirements. The right of a modeller to apply product selection criteria other than that specified on this website is acknowledged. We apologize for any site availability difficulties you may encounter. This site is hosted on a 3rd party server; consequently we have no control over, nor can we guarantee, site availability at any particular time.