For those wishing to network and build a sense of community, we have set up a provisional forum at Yahoo, to ensure that rapport is well established by the time the definitive forum is set up. The Yahoo egroups are notoriously vulnerable to spam, so we have set it up in such a way that each applicant is individually screened to ensure genuine intent. When you join, please send a brief bio/history/intro to assist us in determining suitability.

This forum has been set up for the specific purpose of fostering enthusiasm for modelling in the scale of 1/72; therefore, those who not model or collect in this scale will ineligible to join, and no, 1/76 does not count. You do not have to model exclusively in 1/72, but your contributions to the forum should be restricted to matters relating to 1/72 only. Use this forum for hints & tips, trading or swapping, sourcing items, recommendations and reviews, theme builds, debate, and announcements, etc. 1/72 modellers from all genres are welcome, including scratch builders, die-cast collectors, and radio-control modellers. The definitve forum will most likely have separate categories, but for now we have thrown you all in together.

Forum Etiquette
There are a number of rules and guidelines that should be observed by contributors. Because the forum is hosted at Yahoo, it is subject to their policy. We realise that modellers are human, so we allow swearing and flaming.

Comments that are racist, blatantly sexist, pornographic, or on a modelling topic of a scale other than 1/72, are not permitted and will be deleted. Comments on other scales in the context of genuine debate and comparison of 1/72 compared to those scales is acceptable, but deliberate 'trolling' (unduly slandering 1/72 to incite emotional outbursts) and threads discussing other scales exclusively are not acceptable and will be deleted. Serious or repeat offenders will be banned. If you do not like or have no interest in 1/72 scale, then there are plenty of other forums out there for you.

Please note that we will not be drawn into speculation on when the Census listing will be complete or updated. If you are not happy at the speed with which it is being developed, you are more than welcome to contribute.

Please do not post excessive amounts of images, and ensure that copyright is respected. If you have images you wish to share of completed models, we have a gallery section just for that purpose.

We allow commercial entities to join and announce product releases or sales etc, but you must make or sell items in 1/72, or have a publication or website with a substantial amount of 1/72 content, to qualify for membership. Announcements must relate to 1/72 scale only. Content on other scales will be deleted. Those who repeatedly ignore this condition and promote other scales will be banned.

This forum is offered on the proviso that we accept no legal liability for comments posted in the forum. Opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of

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