census of commercially produced figures.
Here is the Census of figures, both human and animal, divided chronologically. Although many of the figure sets include related accessories such as small arms, artillery, horses, & horse-drawn wagons & carts, only the figures themselves are listed here. The accessories are listed elsewhere on this site to emphasise the diversity & comprehensive nature of 1/72 and to give the modeller a good overview of what is available in a specific genre.

Even though Preiser is traditionally famous for its line of 1/87 figures for HO model trains, the figures listed here are actually produced to 1/72. It should be noted that virtually all figure sets produced by Airfix were to 1/76, even though they were subsequently remarketed as 1/72, and this affects reboxings by other brands, such as Hat, Heller, and Barcellona Universal. They are included here in some cases only because the dimensions of a human being or an animal are variable:1/76 figures can pass for generic 1/72 adolescents or adults of lighter build. Obviously, when modelling a specific personality or character, 1/76 is not recommended. A similar problem exists with Atlantic, which released concurrent ranges in 1/72, 1/76, and 1/87. Some of these old sets have now been re-released by Nexus. Originally, Nexus made a distinction between the different scales through box labelling, but they have recently announced that they plan to market these re-releases all to 1/72 'to avoid confusion'. It has been quite difficult to determine exactly which products by Atlantic were actually 1/72 due to conflicting information and the impression that, even within a given scale series, the size of the figures was not consistent. Therefore, we have excluded Atlantic/Nexus products from the Census in all cases where an alternative exists.

Modellers should also note that figure producers do not necessarily quote the scale of their products using a fraction. In the case of wargaming, they may quote instead using a nominal height of the figure. One would think that '25mm scale' would be the equivalent of 1/72 since a 6 ft person reduces to 25.4mm in 1/72. However, manufacturers of metal cast figures intended specifically for wargaming produce figures that are designed more to be symbolic than an actual scale replica. The result is that '25mm scale' is in fact 1/64, too large to be compatible with 1/72 modelling. '20mm scale' apparently lies somewhere between 1/72 and 1/76, so is a little closer to the mark. Again, only generic products are listed, with the exception of the Tumbling Dice items from the War of the Roses. These were listed in entirety because we were able to establish that the figures are very close to 1/72 in actual size.

In all cases, the modeller is advised to tread carefully and ascertain the true scale of a product (preferably first-hand) before purchase... the package labelling is not always accurate. A German webzine called Military Miniatures Magazine offers a wealth of information on military figures and in-depth reviews in English. Reviews can also be found at Plastic Soldier Review.

Most materials employed by figure manufacturers are either injection molded plastic, cast resin, or cast white metal. In the case of plastic figures, the majority employ a polyethelene vinyl type which is difficult to clean up (shave off mold seam lines) with a scalpal. Preiser is an exception: theirs are made of polystyrene, facilitating easy clean up. We welcome corrections and updates to this Census. Please email us.

Country people Fine Scale Factory WS015
Generic heads, hands & accessories Czech Master 7249
Eskimo & dogs Nikolai Esk06
Eskimo family & igloo Nikolai Esk01
Eskimo hunters & fishermen Nikolai Esk04
Eskimo sled & dogs Nikolai Esk02
Eskimo w/- kayak Nikolai Esk03
Mechanics, no details available Preiser 72406
Samurai HYTTY1001, Zvezda 8017
Wire skeletons Fine Scale Factory WS010
Women Preiser 72403
Frogmen, Italian Atlantic110
Pirates, English, 1700's Orion 72001
Sailors, British, Napoleonic era Hat 6010
Sailors, Italian, modern era Atlantic108, 109
Sea peoples Hat 8078
Naval crew, German, WWII HP Models 72-MAR-002 ,003, 004
U-Boat crew, on deck  Czechmaster F2116
U-boat crew, loading  Czechmaster F2117
U-boat crew, at rest  Czechmaster F2118
U-Boot-Besatzung-1 crew  HP Models 72-MAR-001
Vikings Barcellona Universal 120, 121
Vikings, 8-11th Century Orion 72004
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Medieval, Middle Ages
30 Years War 1618-1648
Artillery crew, firing Fine Scale Factory DK17
Artillery crew, loading Fine Scale Factory DK16
Artillery crew, pointing Fine Scale Factory DK15
Imperial Artillery Revell 02566
Imperial Infantry Revell 02556
Swedish Cavalry Revell 02567
Swedish Infantry Revell 02557
7 Years War 1756-1763
Austrian Artillery Revell 02579
Austrian Dragoons Revell 02573
Austrian Infantry, Fusiliers & Grenadiers Revell 02574
Prussian Hussars Revell 02575
Prussian Infantry, Musketeers & Grenadiers Revell 02572
American Revolution, Civil War, & Frontier.
Colonial Conquests.
Napoleonic Wars 1799 -1815
Crimean War 1854-1856
Balaclava battle set Esci 503
British Cavalry, Lord Cardigan's 11th Hussars Esci 220
British Hussars Italeri 6052
Russian Artillery Esci 221, Italeri 6053
Russian Infantry Esci 221
Pilots and ground crew from all eras.
Post WW II, Late 20th Century, Modern era.
Generic Science Fiction
Space men airborne team Baravelli 24 50483
Space men delta team Baravelli 22 50481
Space men orbital team Baravelli 21 50480
Space men scouts Baravelli 19 50478
Space men security team Baravelli 23 50482
Space men sideral team Baravelli 20 50479
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Star Wars
Ewoks Galoob 66080-2 (1/76)
Imperial Naval Troopers Galoob 66080-10 (1/76)
Imperial Officers Galoob 66080-6 (1/76)
Imperial Pilots Galoob 66080-4 (1/76)
Imperial Scout Troopers Galoob 66080-13 (1/76)
Imperial Stormtroopers Galoob 66080-1 (1/76)
Jawas Galoob 66080-5 (1/76)
Rebel Fleet Troopers Galoob 66080-9 (1/76)
Rebel Pilots Galoob 66080-3 (1/76)
Rebel Troops, Echo Base Galoob 66080-7 (1/76)
Tusken Raiders  Galoob 66080-8 (1/76)
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