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If you are having difficulties while navigating this site, please take the time to stop and read through the following topics; you may find an answer here. Please read thoroughly. If all else fails, drop us a line.

Retail Issues

Do you sell?
No, we don't. We are a reference resource only. A full explanation of our purpose can be found at the start.

Where is your shopping cart?
Nowhere. We don't have one. See above.

How do I buy an item listed on this site?
You can't buy directly from us. See above. You need to approach manufacturers and retailers yourself. You can either go to our merchant listing and use one of them, or go to our manufacturer listing and ask them who they sell through. We offer a fairly exhaustive list of manufacturers, but our list of merchants represents only a small cross section of what is available world-wide. The ones listed are there purely at the discretion of the Webmaster where actual experience with the retailer has been obtained.

How do I find retailers?
See our selected list, or use or Google to search for them.

How do I find manufacturers?
We have a comprehensive list of links here.

Where's the best place to find an out-of-production item?
These can be obtained either through second-hand merchants, IPMS or other model club contacts & swap meets, or online auction sites such as Ebay. You can also announce your desire to obtain a certain item by leaving a brief message on modellers' forums, such as Hyperscale, the Finescale Forums , or Yahoo Egroups.

Census Listing Issues

How does this site work?
The Census listings are arranged logically according to genre, type, and era, rather than according to kit brand. This will allow you to find models relevant to a given theme far more easily. We have also included a search function should you find site navigation too tiresome. Begin at our menu page.

What is your listing criteria?
This site deliberately does not list every available model of a given type; only the most accurate. We define accuracy firstly in terms of shape and dimension, then in terms of correct componentry (ie correct aerials, intakes or pylons etc for a given version), and finally in terms of markings and colour scheme depiction. We view shape as being the most important as this is often the most overlooked and the most difficult to rectify if incorrect. There is much discussion in the modelling press regarding colour schemes and markings, but all too little about shape. In some cases, the correct shape of a given subject seems to be a complete mystery due to a lack of good documentation, often each manufacturer releasing their own 'interpretation' of what the subject looked like. In the case of a well documented subject, we believe there is no room and no excuse for 'interpretation'. An F-4E is an F-4E.

We insist on only listing items that conform to the actual scale of 1/72. Items that are 'close', ie 1/76 etc, are not acceptable. One of the major purposes of this site is to dispel confusion regarding scales that has resulted from companies marketing products as 1/72 scale that in fact were not. Two decades or so ago, it was considered passable to mix scales such as 1/72 and 1/76 on the justification that the disparity was not visually significant, and that the available ranges of certain genres (figures and vehicles in particular) was so sparce as to warrant such a mix. This is not the case now, and anyone who holds true to the spirit of scale modelling will acknowledge that the juxtapostion of two different scales defeats one of the prime objectives of the hobby: that of achieving authenticity. We believe it to be important to dispel the myths that have developed over the years with certain products, and to aggressively encourage manufacturers to take the issue of accuracy and constant scale seriously. The only exception we have allowed with our policy is in the case of generic diorama items that could acceptably be used for a variety of scales, such as paving and fencing, and in the case of figures, where 1/76 items could plausibly be used to depict humans and animals of slighter build or younger age than the average adult. Such items are clearly labeled as such in the Census.

In some cases there will only be one kit or ready-made model available of the subject, sometimes the only one available in any scale, and this will be listed regardless of quality. Sometimes two or more model manufacturers producing a kit of the same subject will be listed where each offers an attribute the other doesn't or where a comparison between them is inconclusive. As more products come onto the market, previous items may be superceded or bettered. The Census will change to reflect this.

Impartial reviews of key models will be included from time to time to assist the modeller in making a decision regarding a prospective purchase. These reviews will focus on the accuracy of the model in shape compared to the real thing, rather than how many parts it has or how easy it is to build (in the case of a kit). The reason for this that a modeller's skill, given time, can overcome almost any degree of construction difficulty; whereas serious inaccuracies can require the equivalent effort of a complete scratch-build to rectify, thereby eliminating the whole point of a kit in the first place: to save time and sanity compared to building from scratch.

You will probably find some of the reviews a little tougher or more critical than those found in magazines or elsewhere; this is because we have a policy of applying a high standard of excellence across the board and we are fiercly independent from the modelling industry. We will not be drawn or intimidated into writing 'soft' or 'favourable' reviews for products that do not warrant such. The product will be compared to the current state-of-the-art, and if found wanting, will be criticised. We feel this is the best way forward in challenging, stimulating, and encouraging industry to raise the universal standard, and to respond to modeller's needs in a genuine way.

Why are some items not listed?
Either the item you are looking for is not deemed accurate enough compared to other similar products on the market (see above) or in the case of a whole type listing missing, it is because we are still researching it and the listing is not ready yet. All listings were largely complete at time of publication (check the date at the bottom of each page) except for the Aviation Section which is still largely under construction, and will be for some time. Our refresh rate for existing pages is cyclical; we will add new items released from time to time as required. You are more than welcome to contribute updates to existing pages or contribute to lists currently being researched. If you choose to do this, please refer to our contribution submission criteria page.

Why are some lists out of date?
Because we have a small team who must dove-tail other aspects of their lives with this endeavour- we are not God! We either sit around updating existing lists or work on new ones. We have found that the rate of release of new items is phenomenal- even though the hobby is considered to be 'twilight' in the Western World, there are more companies in the industry than ever before on a global scale and the market has become very dynamic. Nevertheless we will persevere. You are welcome to send us updates.

There are big gaps in your lists!
Oh, you noticed. Yes, we know. The Aviation Section still has a long way to go. You can send us compiled lists if you want; just check our contribution submission criteria before you do.

Why do you list items that are no longer available?
Because we wish this site to be a definitive historical archive. Just because an item is no longer commercially available does not mean it cannot be found. That is where the beauty of clubs, discussion forums, and the Internet come into their own.

You used to have an item listed on your site, but it's not there any more.
As more products come onto the market, previous items may be superceded or bettered, so the Census will change.

I can't find what I'm looking for when I use your site search engine.
Check your spelling; make sure you are using spelling that is generally accepted or fits the convention. What you perceive to be the name of something may be different to what others perceive. All genres except Aviation are basically complete although they need updating from the time of last upload (check the date at the bottom of a given page). Aviation is still under contruction, so it may be that what you are looking for has not been listed yet.

I can't find an item anywhere on the Web even though you have listed it in the Census!
The catalogue numbers shown in the Census are in most cases the original manufacturer's number, as merchants tend to apply their own proprietary numbers and they can all be different from each other. In some cases where a manufacturer's catalogue number is not available or not known (eg Sharkit or RealSpace), a typical merchant's catalogue number may be shown. In many cases generic terms like 'Models' or 'Products' have been dropped from company names, except in cases where names are similar: eg 'HR Products' and 'HR Models' are two separate companies. Bear these issues in mind when searching for these items on the Web. Try entering just the last 3 digits of the catalogue number into the search engine you are using, along with the name of the item, eg 'F-4E 093'. We recommend Google. It is most effective to note the manufacturer of the item you are after, then visit them directly via our links page to establish availability of that item, then ask who they sell to or follow their own links in turn to their outlets. Our links page can be accessed from every single page on our site.

Can't you tell us what's actually available now?
There is no distinction made in the Census between an item that is currently in production, out of production, or announced for future release. The reason for this is that availability varies widely from merchant to merchant, and we are most certainly not in the business of keeping tabs on every merchant in the world. We are first and foremost a point of reference, from which you widen your search once you know what you are looking for.

Advertising and Promotion

Will you swap links?
That depends on what type of site you have. If you are a manufacturer and you have at least one 1/72 item listed, yes we will. If you are a merchant, not at this stage, although we do now offer Google adwords. If you are a club or enthusiast, it will depend on the quality and relevance of your site, and will be done so at the sole discretion of the Webmaster. If you wish to link to us, click here for technical details.

What about advertising?
We now offer Google adwords, click on the 'advertise on this site' link at the top of the page for more information.

Other Issues

How about a discussion forum?
Yes, that is being considered for long-term introduction at a later date.

How about more pictures?
Very good point. We have in preparation a considerable number of images showing complete as well as unbuilt models. Because of limited time, we have to make a choice between devoting time to actual listings or pictures. The reason that there has been relatively few updates over the last few months is because we have in fact chosen to concentrate on photography, but the pendulum will now swing back to listings and more images will begin to trickle onto the site. We have not forgotten!

Do you accept photos of models?
Sure do! Please check our submission criteria before sending material.

Can you give me information on items in other scales?
Hell, no! We have only so much time on this planet. I think you have missed the whole point of this site!

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