Lockheed C-130 Hercules 'Herc' 'Herky Bird' 'Fat Albert' & derivatives.
AC-130H Airfix 10001
AC-130U Airfix 09004, Italeri 866
C-130E Airfix 09001, MPC 1-4502 
C-130H Italeri 015, Airfix 09003, Heller 0385 , Testors 665, 0015 
C-130J Italeri 061, Testors 06670, 667, 9178 
DC-130 Italeri 148, Testors 630 
Conversion Parts
AC-130A Airmodel AM-059
AC-130H Airmodel AM-059
C-130A Airmodel AM-058, Oz Mods 7201
C Mk 3P fuselage extension plugs Flightpath
C-130-30 fuselage extension plugs Flightpath
C-130E-1 Fulton nose Flightpath, DB Productions 2019
C-130H  Ron's Resins 72013
C-130H  Ron's Resins 72015
C-130H sponson APU intake Ron's Resins 1372
C-130H/J sponson APU intake & Satnav dome Ron's Resins 1572
C-130J  Ron's Resins 72015
C-130K Mk 2 Airmodel AM-058
DC-130A Airmodel AM-057, AM-063
DC-130E Airmodel AM-057
HC-130F Falcon C005
HC-130H Airmodel AM-059, Flightpath
HC-130N Airmodel AM-059
HC-130P Airmodel 059, Flightpath
JC-130A Airmodel AM-059
KC-130 AAR pods Flightpath, DB Productions 2020
KC-130F Airmodel AM-059
L-100-20 Airmodel AM-058
L-100-30 Airmodel AM-058
LC-130F Flightpath
LC-103R skis Airmodel AM-059, Cutting Edge CEC72003
MC-130E Combat Talon I Flightpath , DB Productions 2018
MC-130H Combat Talon II Flightpath, DB Productions 2036
MC-130P Airmodel AM-059
WC-130H Airmodel AM-059
YC-130A Airmodel AM-058
Cast Detail Parts
Allison T-56 engine Engines & Things 72001
Allison T-56-A-15 engine nacelles Flightpath 72107, Ron's Resins 6172
C Mk1/3 refuelling probe Airwaves 72019
Propellers Aeroclub P067
Wheels w/- flattened bottoms Paragon Designs 72066
Etched Detail Parts
C-130 interior  Eduard 72243
C-130 exterior  Eduard 72246
C-130 interior & exterior Flightpath 72101
Paint Masks
C-130  E-Z Masks 89
C-130H  Eduard XS215
C-130J  Eduard XS215
Canopy & wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72086
C-130 walkways Vince Maddux VM 72-1
C-130A A97-212 36 Sqn Aussie A72022
C-130E A97-159 37 Sqn 50th Anniv Airfix 09003, Aussie A72022
C-130E A97-177 37 Sqn Aussie A72022
C-130E A97-205 36 Sqn Superscale 72508
C-130H 36 Sqn: A97-008, A97-010 Aussie A72023
C-130H A97-009 36 Sqn trial 'Tea Green' scheme Hawkeye AAF-46
C-130H A97-010 36 Sqn low visibility SIOP scheme Hawkeye AAF-117
C-130J-30 A97-468 37 Sqn low viz grey scheme Hawkeye AAF-20
National Insignia Daco 7201
C-130H 20 Sqn: all serials & stencilling for SEA scheme Daco 7226
C-130H 20 Sqn: all serials & stencilling for grey scheme Daco 7227
C-130H revised, all serials w/- international stencilling Daco 7249
C-130H 1/1 GT, 1/6 GAv, VIP schemes FCM 72005
C-130H 1/1GT, SEA camo scheme FCM 72012
CC-130 10315 early-era high visibility scheme Superscale 72509
CC-130 130325 early-era high visibility scheme Flight Colours 72D01
CC-130H 130330 3-tone low visibility scheme mid-era Flight Colours 72A10
CC-130H 130331 3-tone low visibility scheme mid-era Italeri 015
CC-130H 130334, 130335 3-tone low visibility late-era Fed ID scheme Flight Colours 72A12
C-130H 61-PA 5114 Italeri 015
C-130 Squadron Insignia Isradecal IAF-6
C-130 4X-FBA/B/T/Q Entebbe raiders, 'Best Team', etc Skys Decals 72011
C-130 4X-FBB Superscale 72509
C-130 national insignia Tauro 72538
C-130 serials, 46° Aerobrigata Tauro 72543
C-130 Sqn insignia, 46° Aerobrigata Tauro 72548
C-130H MM61990 46-04 46° Stormo Italeri 015
C-130H MM6991 46-04 46° Stormo Italeri 140
C-130H-30 334 Sqn: C-273 or C-275 low visibility scheme Dutch 72025
C-130H 334 Sqn '55 Jaar' Dutch 72046
  New Zealand
C-130E NZ7001 40 Sqn Whenuapai full visibility scheme Airfix 09003, Superscale 72508
C-130H 40 Sqn Whenuapai low visibility scheme: NZ7001, NZ7005 Flying Kiwis KC7206
Tp 84 841 F7 Wing Satenäs 1st C-130 in Europe Airfix 09003
Tp 84 848 Italeri 140
Tp 84 no details available  Flying Colors Aerodecals SR7206
C-130 Turkish Stars demo team support a/c Kedi 72007
C1 XV179 Italeri 140
C1 XV300 Lynham all grey scheme Airfix 09003
C1 XV215 'The Fat Slags' Operation Granby Italeri 015
C1 wing walkways & national insignia Xtradecal X03072
C1 XV292 25th Anniv C-130 service Xtradecal X02872
C1 XV306 'Snoopy the Baron' Op Granby Xtradecal X02472
C1P XV179 Xtradecal X01272
C3P XV190 'Betty Boob' Operation Granby Almark S10
NC-130B N707NA DRAW 72-C130-1
AC-130 54-1628 AFRES Superscale 72195
AC-130A 64-1623 16 SOS Ubon  Superscale 72475
C-130 96580 MAC Italeri 140
C-130 Thunderbirds, 36 TAS MAC, 56-0491, 305 ARRS, 920 WGR Weather Superscale 72194
C-130H 12958 MAC Italeri 015
C-130H Battle Grey scheme: 50035 908 AW Maxwell, 42061 817 AW Dyess Vince Maddux VM72-005
C-130J 175 Wing 135 AG Maryland ANG Battle Grey scheme: 17354, 81355 Vince Maddux VM72-007
LC-130F/H/R all serials VX-5/VXE-5 109 AW New York ANG Antarctic scheme Max 7211
US Coast Guard
HC-130 no details available Hawkeye CGDS-07, Heller 0385, Superscale 72109
US Marines
C-130 790 VR-24, 1 VXE-6, 795 VMGR-252 Superscale 72195
KC-130F 9806 Blue Angels Italeri 140
KC-130F Blue Angels Superscale 72772
KC-130T low vis grey scheme: VMGR-352, VMGR-452 Vince Maddux VM72-006
Kit Review
The Airfix kit, despite its age, has alot going for it. It has the best constant cross section on its fuselage, including the ridge at floor level. The empenage has the gentle taper of the real thing in plan view as it progresses towards the tailplane. Overall the Airfix fuselage is more accurate than the Italeri one, except for the cockpit roof. There are some areas where the tooling has disadvantages: the main wing fillet is not defined enough, nor is the seam where the sponsons join the fuselage underside. This tooling was originally offered as a C-130E, but was retooled to an AC-130 some years later by permanently altering the fuselage sponsons. Consequently, recent releases of the the C-130E/H type under the Airfix brand have been done so using the Italeri tooling.

The Italeri kit has better defined wing fillets, underside sponson seams, and front fuselage immediately above the cockpit, but the constant cross section fuselage behind is completely incorrect and lacks the ridge at floor level. The empenage tapers too severely in plan view as it meets the tailplane. The biggest problem of

the Italeri tooling is the engine nacelles. They are the shorter versions associated with the Allison T-56-A-9 or -11 turboprop engines as used on the C-130A. C-130E/H aircraft carry the T-56-A-7 and -15 engine respectively, which requires a longer nacelle, so if you plan to model these variants you will need to obtain the nacelles offered by Flight Path or Ron's Resin.

All other parts of the kit appear to be of better accuracy than the Airfix/MPC kit, but this remains to be confirmed. The wing tanks may be of different sizes. The two kits appear to be similar in dimensions making cross-kitting relatively easy.

For the most accurate model, we recommend using the Airfix main fuselage, substituting a portion of the front for the section immediately behind the wing trailing edge. Blend this into the rear empenage as per the real thing. Use the Italeri wing roots and nose section with considerable modification. Build up ridge on rear empenage.

Kit Modifications Schematic

Last updated 18/07/04.

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