related sites & resources.
Aeroflight  scale aircraft drawings links page
AFV News  AFV scale drawings and references
Aircraft Resource Center  aircraft modelling in all scales
Aircraft Walkaround Center  Robert Lundin's site.... thousands of close-up photos of aircraft... huge list.  huge photo database, military and civil
ANZAC Steel  reference site for military vehicles of the ANZAC forces
Armoured Acorn  great reference site for AFV colour schemes
Arthur L Bentley Drawings  aircraft scale drawings, very detailed
Aviation News  aircraft scale drawings as published in 'Air Pictorial' and 'Aviation News'magazines
Bob's Aircraft Documentation  Large selection of aircraft scale drawings and 'foto-paaks' (walkarounds).
ESM72 The Encyclopedia of 1/72 Scale Models, world's only hard copy publication devoted to 1/72.
Data View Books walkaround and reference subjects not covered elsewhere
Dazio Encyclopedia 1/72 database, in English & French
Exampleman 'what-if' modelling
Flight International  aircraft cutaways
Henk of Holland  AFV reference site
Hubert Cance scale drawings of aircraft and vehicles
Hyperscale general modelling
Military Miniatures High quality webzine in English & German with reviews
Modelling Madness general modelling e-zine
Modelersite general modelling e-zine in Spanish and English
Nexus Scale Drawings  drawings previously published in 'Scale Models International' magazine. Now also available from Nexus Special Interests, Plans Service, Consumer Division, Azalea Drive, Swanley, Kent, BR8 8HU, UK
On the Way!  1/72 model AFV site
Panzer Museum  tank museum reference site in Munster
Plastic Soldier Review  exactly that, very good site
PMC general scale modelling in Germany
Precise Modelling unbelievable inspiration, amongst the best craftsmanship I've ever seen
Scalemodelnet very large general links database
Scho's  World War I aviation modelling
SMAKR  1/72 aircraft kit reviews
Starship Modeller  scifi reference site, very comprehensive
The Blueprints simple 3-view diagrams
The Luftwaffe in Scale  Austrian scale modelling
Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index large general links listing
Personal Sites
1/72 scale page Björn Bäcklund's site in English
AFV Museum  'virtual museum' of scale models, 1/72 and 1/76
Aircraft Modelling in Plastic   
Landships  superb reference site on WWI military vehicles of all kinds, includes 3-view drawings
Lasse Henning  Star Wars scale modelling, good information on techniques
Maths Halstensen  Star Wars reference site
Model Warship 72  scratch-built ship modelling
Pier 72  scratch-built ship modelling
Small Scale AFV's  Czech enthusiast's site in English with reviews
Spanish Civil War  scale aircraft modelling of the Spanish Civil War, very comprehensive
Star Wars Model Kit Gallery  personal collection in various scales, good information on techniques
The Armor Site  excellent reference on military vehicles
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