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This is by no means an exhaustive list of all retailers, there are obviously many thousands across the world. Those listed here are by the sole discretion of the Webmaster, mostly based on actual experience with that supplier, or in some cases where that supplier offers rare or exclusive items not normally obtainable elsewhere. Inclusion does not necessarily represent endorsement by The Webmaster reserves the right of exclusion for any reason. Advertising opportunites are not available at this stage, but will be offered when the site matures.
Airline Hobby Supplies civil airline products
Aviapress Eastern European products
Avia Imports  
Aviation USK esoteric kits & aftermarket parts
Comet Miniatures science fiction models
Flightdecs wide range of aviation decals
Hannants huge range, the most diverse in the world
Hobbylink Japan hard-to-get Japanese products, direct from Japan
Hylands Bookshop one of the most diverse range of transport and militaria books in the world
Pronto Model Italian products
Linden Hill Eastern European products
Meteor Productions  
Midland Counties Publications wide range of reference books
Model Crafts & Hobbies Flying Kiwis decals and other products with a New Zealand theme
Modern Structures in Miniature die-cast vehicles
Micromark extensive range of modelling tools
Misterkit Italian products
Model Airlines civil airliner ready-made display models, including Atlantic and Desktop
Model Expo  
NKR Models Eastern European products, very reasonable prices
Pacific Coast Hobbies exotic and rare aircraft kits and decals
Smallscale large range of military vehicle models
Swiss Modelshop  
Tracks & Troops wide range of military vehicle models
Victorian Hobby Centre good range of 1/72 models & aftermarket parts, good prices
Selected 2nd Hand Merchants
Ebay world's best on-line auction, very rare items regularly found
Dean's Hobby Stop  
Gasoline Alley Antiques  
King Kit  
Kit Krazy  
Milam Models  
Models For Sale  
Model Kit Clearing House  
PMC decal sale and swap
Rare-Plane Detective  
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