These links will in most cases take you directly to the manufacturer's site. Where there is no site available, an email or snailmail address is provided, or in some cases a link to a merchant who sells that product is substituted. We are attempting to make this list as complete as possible, so updates to this list are welcomed. Email us at [email protected].
Ace military vehicle kits from Russia and the Ukraine
AER aircraft, ship and vehicle models
Aerocalcas aircraft decals, mainly Argentinian subjects
Aeromaster screen-printed aircraft decals, many WW II subjects
Aeropoxy Small range of aircraft kits and paint masks focussing on Yugoslavian subjects.
Aerotech Small range of resin aircraft kits
A & V resin aircraft kits
AIMS screen printed decals
Aircraft in Miniature Manufacturers of Historic Wings, Transport Wings, and Rug Rat Resins multi-media kits. World's largest range of 1/72 scale jet airliners.
Aires one of the best aftermarket resin producers in the world, mostly aviation subjects
Airmodel vac-form aircraft kits
Airwaves detail parts for aircraft
Akatombo small range of unusual aircraft kits
Anigrand resin kits of prototype aircraft
Antares resin kits, including Luftwaffe '46
APS Models Largest range of 1/72 ship kits in the world. Suitable for static & R/C. In business 30 years.
Serious enquiries only: Allan Pew, PO Box 5025, Gwandalan, NSW 2259, Australia. Ph/Fx: 61 2 4972 5825.
Archer rub-down transfers mostly for vehicles
Ardpol aircraft kits
Astra screen-printed decals for US aircraft subjects, very high quality and detailed
Atlantic ready-made desk-top display aircraft models
Aussie screen-printed decals focussing on Australian military aviation subjects
Authentic Airliners civil aircraft models
Aviacolor new company offering small range of aviation-related resin kits & accessories
AVM Maquetas resin aircraft and conversion kits focussing on Latin American subjects
AZ Model resin and injection moulded aircraft kits
Aztec screen-printed decals of aircraft subjects; mainly Spanish, South American, and less well-known air forces
Barcelona Universal figures and reboxed kits (one-hell-of-a scary URL!  )
BaxMod resin vehicle kits
Begemot screen-printed decals
Belcher Canadian aviation subjects: resin parts and screen-printed decals
Berna decals for French AF aircraft
Bison screen-printed vehicle decals
Blackbird small range of decals and detail parts, formerly Delta Aviation, producer of C-5 Galaxy kit
Black Lion AFV decals
Blap small range of resin kits
Blue Rider aviation kits and screen-printed decals focussing on lesser known air forces
Broplan vacuum-formed aircraft kits
Chorozsy Modelbud resin aircraft kits, mostly pre-WW II, many unusual subjects
Classic Plane  
Collectaire just ONE 1/72 model in their range!
Condor Decals aircraft decals, majoring on Argentinian subjects
Corgi Die-cast ready-made British trams; also make die-cast aircraft models in 1/72, but the accuracy is nowhere near as good as a kit.
Custom Aeronautical Miniatures (CAM) screen-printed decals of aircraft subjects, mainly US Navy and Marines
Czech Master Resin resin aircraft kits
CMK aftermarket resin detail sets, now owned by MPM, one of the best resin producers in the world
Daco screen-printed aircraft decals for Belgian Air Force
Dean's Marine one or two ship models
Defence Models & Graphics custom ship models made to special commission
DRAW ALPS printed modern civil airliner decals available in 1/72 by special commision
Duarte 2 Brazilian trainer kits, very small range of resin conversion sets for aircraft
Eagle Editions screen-printed aircraft decals and parts
Eagle Strike screen-printed aircraft decals
Eagle's Talon aircraft kits
Eduard Aircraft kits, detail parts, and paint masks, as well as vehicle detail parts. Their aircraft kits are equivalent to Tamiya standard.
Engines & Things resin engines for aircraft
Euro Decals screen printed decals for aviation subjects
Execuform vac-form aircraft kits of unusual and rare subjects
EZ Masks paint masks
FAA Models British aircraft kits
F-4dable Models screen-printed decals of aircraft subjects focussing on Asia
F-Dcal laser-printed decals of aircraft subjects, with a standard line of 1/72 decals, as well as 1/144 civil airliner decals printed to 1/72 on special order
Falcon vac-form aircraft canopies, also make Squadron's and High Planes' canopies
Fantastic Plastic resin scifi kits
Fantasy custom screen-printed decal printers, generic avaiation data stencilling, agents for Eurodecals
FCM screen-printed decals for South American aviation subjects, focussing mainly on Brazil
Federation resin scifi kits
Fine Scale Factory figures and vehicles
Fleetscale naval models
Flightpath resin and photo-etched detail parts for aircraft and aviation related vehicles
Flugzeugmodelle ready-made desktop aircraft models
Flying Colors Aerodecals scandinavian aircraft decals. PO Box 3038 S-172 03, Sundbyberg, Sweden
Flying Colors civil airliner screen-printed decals
Flying Fish resin aircraft detail parts
Fotocut the original photo-etched supplier. made alot of parts for scratch builders.
Fred Hultberg, PO Box 120, Erieville, NY 13061 USA.
Fonderie Miniatures resin aircraft kits
Freightdog Models aircraft decals focussing on UK military subjects
Gene Hooker vacform kits. 46 East 8th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43201.
Goffy resin diorama accessories and interior details
Hat figures
Hawkeye laser-printed decals and resin parts for aviation subjects
Heritage resin aircraft models and conversions
Hi Decal screen-printed aircraft decals
High Planes Short run injection molded aircraft kits with vac-form canopies and decals printed by Fantasy Printshop. Includes a small but growing range of Reno Unlimited racers.
Historic Wings resin aircraft kits
Hongwell die-cast vehicles
HP Models resin military vehicle kits
HQ 72 resin detail sets and diorama accessories, under contruction
HR Products resin naval detail parts (fittings)
ICM plastic kits, mostly Russian military aircraft and vehicles
Imex figures
IsraDecal screen-printed decals focussing almost exclusively on Israeli subjects, very comprehensive coverage
Jaguar 2 aircraft detail sets
JBot ALPS-printed decals, focussing on Canadian and exotic subjects, available in a standard range of scales and other scales to order. Also agents for Flight Colours.
Kancali Latex road & pavement panels for dioramas, currently only two 1/72 products.
Karaya aircraft kits
Khee Kha seaplane aircraft kits
Kits at War Not kits... screen-printed decals. WWII subjects, mostly British.
Koster Aero Enterprises 610 Euclid Court, Highland Park, IL, USA 60035
Kopro (KP) aircraft kits
Kora resin aircraft kits and conversions
Kuivalainen screen-printed aircraft decals, Finnish subjects.
La Maquette Historique
Launch Complex Models NASA space launch towers.
Leading Edge Best quality decals in the world, mostly Canadian aircraft subjects, screen-printed. Occasional resin conversion parts supplied with the decals.
Legato resin aircraft kits
Leva military vehicles and diorama accessories.
LF Models  
Lift Here screen-printed aircraft decals focussing on Yugoslavian subjects
Lifelike Decals screen-printed aircraft decals, mostly Japanese subjects
Linden Hill detail parts and decals for Eastern European and Russian subjects
MAC Distribution Eastern European kits
Mach 2  
Matador airfield vehicles & ground equipment from the Luftwaffe & RAF
Matterhorn Circle ALPS printed Swiss decals
MAV Decals ALPS printed decals of South African subjects
Max screen-printed decals of Irish aviation and less well-known air force subjects
Micro World decals for military vehicle subjects
Mike Grant Decals ALPS & screen-printed aviation subjects, some very unusual
MIG Productions pigments, figures, and vehicle kits
Miniaturas Alemany WW II era figures, vehicles, and diorama accessories
Mirage military vehicle kits
Model-Aire International small range of aircraft decals and limited run kits
Model Alliance screen printed decals for aviation subjects
Model Friends new range of screen-printed aircraft decals
Moskit resin aircraft exhausts
MPM large producer, owbner of Special Hobby, very responsive manufacturers, have directly responded to several of our petitions
Mr Panzer resin military vehicle kits, nice Italian subjects
Muroc Very small range of NASA-related models, available from the Flight Test Historical Foundation, PO Box 57 Edwards, California 93523, USA. Ph: 1 661 2581658
Nazca ALPS and laser printed civil airliner decals, some 1/72 scale
NeOmega resin detail parts, mainly for aircraft
New Ware space kits
North Wing Modelcraft resin aircraft models of Japanese subjects
Omega Eastern European aircraft kits
Ozmods small range of resin detail & conversion parts for aircraft
Part detail parts for aircraft and vehicles; small range of very high quality vehicle kits
Pavla plastic injection-moulded aircraft kits with resin detail parts; aftermarket parts also
Peddinghaus Decals ALPS printed decals
Pegasus limited run plastic injection-moulded aircraft kits, usually of an esoteric or unusual subject
PJ Productions resin kits, conversions, and figures
Planet aircraft & vehicle kits of unusual subjects
PM Model aircraft kits
PN Sud Modelisme diorama accessories, including bunkers and Atlantic Wall fortifications
Point museum-standard model sailing ships made to special commision
Preiser high quality 1/72 figures made from actual polystyreme, not vinyl
Propagteam screen-printed aircraft decals
Proteus new manufacturer of civil airliner kits
PST good quality military vehicle kits of Russian and Ukrainian subjects
Quickboost resin detail aircraft parts
R2 Model Marine one or two ships
RB Productions Romanian decals
RealSpace small range of spacecraft models
Red Roo screen-printed decals and resin parts focussing on Australian subjects
Revell Germany  
Revell USA  
Reviresco early 20th century vehicle kits
Roden aircraft and tank kits
Roseparts the occasional aircraft detail or conversion part
RS Models aircraft kits
Rug Rat Resins aircraft kits
Sanger vac-form aircraft kits
Santa Cruz screen-printed decals of Portugese aviation subjects
Scale Nutz decals of Indonesian, Malaysian, and Singaporean aviation subjects, both thermal and screen-printed
Sharkit resin aircraft, vehicle, and spacecraft kits of esoteric subjects
Sierra Scale Models WWI aircraft kits
Sirmar ship model fittings
Skylancer screen-printed aircraft decals
Special Hobby aircraft & helicopter kits
Squadron Clearvax vac-form canopies for aircraft
Sword Milan Lucky Models, Marxova 3/368, 736 01 Havirov-mesto, Czech Republic
Tally Ho Canada screen-printed decals for aircraft; completely separate from Tally Ho in the Czech Republic
Toff ALPS printed aircraft and vehicle decals, photo-etched parts
Thrust Decals ???
TP Models military vehicle kits
Tracks & Troops small range of resin vehicle kits and conversions
Transport Wings World's largest range of 1/72 scale jet airliners.
Turquoise screen printed decals for Turkish AF aircraft
Two Bobs screen-printed decals for modern US aviation subjects
Tyson ready-made display models of aircraft to custom order
Unimodel (UM)  
Unicorn diorama accessories including period paintings, posters, wall paper, and stained glass windows. Highly recommended, well worth a look.
Unicraft resin aircraft kits of very unusual subjects
Vami resin aircraft kits. Vami Models, 33 Av du Manoir 1410, Waterloo, Belgium.
Ventura Books, kits, and screen-printed decals, focussing on aviation.
VLE 2 vac-formed aircraft kits
Vince Maddux ALPS-printed decals featuring US aviation subjects.
Vingtor aircraft decals focussing on Norwegian subjects
Voyager ???
Welsh vac-form/resin corporate aircraft & regional airliner kits; propably the best vac-form aircraft kits in the world.
Westway desktop and travel agent display models
Wings vac-form and resin aircraft kits, Eagle's Talon are now integrated under this name
Wolfpak Decals ALPS and screen printed decals, some unusual subjects
Yellow Wings aircraft decals focussing on US inter-war years
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