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  Czech Republic
Letov S-8 1931 Czech Omega 7237
Bernard Ferbois V.2 Dujin 72092
Bugatti 100 Czechmaster CMR196, Projekts 01
Caudron Renault C.362 Dujin 72012
Caudron Renault C.450 Dujin 72013
Caudron Renault C.460 Dujin 72014
Caudron Renault C.461 Dujin 72015
Caudron Renault C.561 Dujin 72016
Caudron Renault C.600 Aiglon Dujin 72040
Caudron Renault C.635 Simoun Heller 80208
Caudron Renault C.635 Simoun canopy Falcon 26
Caudron Renault C.710 Dujin 72018
Caudron Renault C.712 Dujin 72019
Caudron Renault C.714 Heller 80218
Caudron Renault C.714 canopy Falcon 26
Caudron Renault C.714R Dujin 72020
Deperdussin racer  Classic Plane 01, 173
Macchi M.39  Museum 72003, Vintage 72007
Macchi M.52  Vintage 72002
Macchi M.52R  Vintage 72003
Macchi M.67  Aero Image, Merlin
Macchi Castoldi MC.72 Delta 2 01, 7203, Vintage 72011
Piaggio-Pegna PC. 7 Pinocchio  Vintage 72005
Heinkel He100  Lindberg 1122, MPM 72016
Tokyo University Koukenki  Platz KJ-2
PZL-19  Silesian Eagle NE7201
RWD-5 etched details Part S7027
RWD-5bis Mikro S05, ZTS Plastyk PL101, S005
RWD-5bis etched details Part S7028
AISA Gonzalez Pazo GP Especial  Dekno 7223
Bristol 72 Racer  Classic Plane CPV 08
DH 71 Tiger Moth Dujin 72183
DH 88 Comet
Gloster IV Atkins
Hawker Sea Fury
Miles M.3B Falcon IV  Dekno 7228
Nuffield Heston Napier Type 5 Airframe, Merlin 7283
Percival Mew Gull Merlin 7284
Percival Mew Gull propeller Aeroclub P008
Percival Mew Gull undercarriage oleos Aeroclub V023
Short-Bristow Crusader Atkins, Dekno R100
Sopwith Tabloid  Airframe, Classic Plane 34
Sopwith Schneider  Airframe 270, Eduard EU2001, Milresin
Supermarine S.4  Merlin 7277, Vintage 72001, V-02
Supermarine S.6B  Airfix 1007, Chematic 72164 , Eastern Express 72257 

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