EFA, Eurofighter EF2000A/B, Typhoon F2/FGR4/T2, CASA C.16/CE.16 Tifon.
Single seat variant Revell 04317 
Twin seat variant Revell 04338 , 04376 
Cast Detail Parts
cockpit, twin seater Pavla C7264
cockpit, single seater Pavla C7271
Intake Cover Two Mikes Resin 72001
Martin Baker Mk10L ejection seat for EFA Pavla S7227
Etched Detail Parts
Eurofighter  Eduard SS154
EF2000A detailing set Eduard 73313, SS313
EF2000B detailing set Eduard 73289, SS289
Vacform Canopies
canopy, twin seater Pavla V7264
canopy, single seater Pavla C7271, V7265
Paint Masks
two seater Eduard CX104
single seater Eduard CX224
EF2000A 7L-WF 1 SUG Mark 1 Guide MKD72006
EF2000A AS001 7L-WA 1 SUG Revell 04317
EF2000A Taifun 30+40 JG 74, 30+20 JG 73 50th Anniv Mark 1 Guide MKD72006
EF2000A Taifun 63004/30+09 JG 73 'Steinhoff' Laage, 65016/30+21JG 74 Neuburg Revell 04317
EF2000B Taifun JG 73 'Steinhoff' Laarge-Rostock: 98+37, 30+03, 30+14 Revell 04338
Typhoon prototypes DA-3, DA-7 Alpsdecals Italia
EF2000A MM7296/36-22 12 Stm 36 Wing, MM7299 'Diecimilia Ore' 9 Stm 4 Wing 10,000 hrs Mark 1 Guide MKD72006
EF2000A MM7235/36-04 36 Stm 12 Grupo, MM7278/4-12 4 Stm IX Grupo World Cup 2006 Alliance 72169
EF2000A MM7278/4-12 4 Stm 9 Grupo Grosseto Revell 04317
  Saudi Arabia
Typhoon F54 1001 10 Sqn delivery scheme Mark 1 Guide MKD72006, Model Alliance 72169
C.16 Tifon 11-04/24 113 Esc Ala 11 Moron Revell 04317
C.16 Tifon 11-07 111 Esc Ala 11 Mark 1 Guide MKD72006
CE.16 Tifon 11-70/01 111 Esc Ala 11 Alliance 72169, Revell 04338
CE.16 Tifon 11-71/02 111 Esc Ala 11 Revell 04338
Typhoon F2 3 Sqn: ZJ919/QO-W, ZJ926/QO-Y; ZJ930/AA 17 Sqn, ZJ910/BV 29 (R) Sqn Alliance 72173
Typhoon F2 ZJ931/DA 11 Sqn Alliance 72154, 72173, Revell 04317
Typhoon F2 Conningsby: ZJ922/QO-C 3 Sqn, ZJ916/AD 17 Sqn, ZJ920/BX 29 (R) Sqn Revell 04317
Typhoon F2 ZJ924/QO-H 3 Sqn, ZJ914/AC 17 Sqn; 29 (R) Sqn: ZJ921/BW, ZJ813/BL; ZJ950 1435 Flt Falklands Mark 1 Guide MKD72006
Typhoon FGR4 ZJ939/DXI 11 Sqn, ZJ938 BAe Test Aircraft Alliance 72173
Typhoon T1 ZJ814/QO-Z 3 Sqn Alliance 72154, 72173
Typhoon T1 ZJ811/AZ 11 Sqn, 17 Sqn: ZJ800/AC, ZJ803/AA, 29 (R) Sqn: ZJ800/BC, ZJ803/BA Alliance 72173
Typhoon T1 ZJ822 29 (R) Sqn Alliance 72903
Typhoon T1 ZJ802/AB 17 (F) Sqn OCU Warton Alliance 72903, Revell 04338
Kit Review

Revell 04338 twin seater
The new Revell tooling is the first of the expected second-generation toolings, and benefits from more definitive information on the real thing as a result of holding off until production variants had actually been built. It is an authentic representation of an actual production variant, featuring the revised boundary layer bleed air vents just above the leading edge wing roots, and revised paneling and contours of the engine heat exchanger at the base of the fin. The canopy has the correct bubble cross section with undercut, the undercarriage and ejection seats are well done, the wheel wells are nice and deep, the 'S' profile of the intake throat has been correctly portrayed, and the wing camber has been accurately done. The AMRAAM fins are the thinnest we have seen, (the same cannot be said for the other stores, but they are within acceptable limits), and outer hub detail on the mainwheels is very fine.

The decals appear to be printed by Cartograf. They are to an acceptable standard with a few reservations: the black portion on the German flags are off-register, and the yellow used for the formation light strips is incorrect. Data stencilling is reasonably comprehensive, although the black used for the missile stencilling has been printed too heavily. The red has been printed too heavily as well. The pale pink and blue used on the RAF national insignia and stencilling is surprisingly accurate, a regretably rare occurence for both Revell and Cartograf, although we suspect the Model Alliance sheet would be of better quality for this scheme. Decalling is included for cockpit detail should you so desire, although it will be difficult to employ, as much of the moulding on the parts includes raised detail.
Make up your mind, Revell. Either raised detail moulding or decals. Not both. Preferably raised detail.

The kit features 2 AIM-9L/M Sidewinders, 4 AIM-120B AMRAAM's, 4 Meteors, 2 1,000 lt drop tanks, options for jet nozzles open or closed, and an extended refuelling probe and airbrake.

The kit is not without a few minor flaws, though. The contours separating the intake from the fuselage immediately above are not crisp enough, lacking the creases of the real thing (similar to an F-16). The main canopy is slightly twisted, resulting in an unsatisfactory mating with the cockpit sill, and the bottom frame of the canopy does not have the characteristic downward kink of the real thing. The windscreen is not straight when viewed in direct profile; it has a slight convex curve near the apex which is incorrect. The kit does not feature the extendard RWR housing on the parachute door at the base of the fin as seen on the first production examples. There are sink marks in the drop tank pylons, and the pylons are moulded integrally with the tanks themselves. The main weapons pylons have sink marks. There is no centreline drop tank. One canard and Meteor missile body are badly warped (they must be pulling the sprue out of the mould before it has had time to harden sufficiently). These flaws are all correctable without too much difficulty. The overall shape appears to be quite accurate.

Revell 04317 single seater
As above but with a single seat canopy and better decals. This tooling includes a comprehensive range of weapons: 2 Storm Shadow, 2 Taurus, 2 1000 lt drop tanks, 2 AIM-9L Sidewinders, 4 Meteor AAM's, 4 AIM-120B AMRAAM's, 2 AIM-132 ASRAAM's, and 2 IRIS-T missiles. The decals are very well aligned with accurate colours, with the exception of the RAF national insignia blue being too warm in hue. The sheet includes markings for the weapons. Both canards were fine and not warped in this kit.

Last updated 14/12/09.
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