McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II 'Rhino' & derivatives, Mitsubishi F-4EJ, F-4EJ Kai, IAI F-4E Kurnass 2000.
F3  Fujimi 26009, 26017, 72101, 7AG17Hasegawa 00064, KA1 (04101), KX102, SP51 (51551), Monogram 5452
F-4A  Hasegawa 00618
F-4B Fujimi 72104, 7AG11, Hasegawa 00043, 00151, 00365, KA3 (04103)
F-4C Fujimi 26002, 35111, 72101, 7AG2, 7GA02Hasegawa 00089, KA4 (04104), Monogram 5451
F-4D Fujimi 26002, 35111, 72101, 7AG2, 7GA02Hasegawa 00089 KA5 (04105), Monogram 5451
F-4E Fujimi 26005, 26007, 7AG5, 7AG8, 7AG12, 7G10226008, 26012, 26102, 26105, 72102, 72105, 7AG12 Hasegawa KA6 (04106), 00158, 00270, SP52 (51552)
F-4E Kurnass 2000 Hasegawa 00297
F-4EJ Fujimi 26004, 26104, 72102, 7AG4Hasegawa KA7 04107, SS08
F-4EJ Kai Hasegawa 00032, 00058, 00091, 00173, 00193, 51566, KA103, KX4, KX103, KX104, KX105, KX107, KA108, KA110, KA111, SL12, SP66
F-4F Fujimi 72105, 7AG7 Hasegawa 00285, Revell 04307, 04615
F-4G Fujimi 26006, 7AG6 Hasegawa KA8 (04108)
F-4J Fujimi 26009, 72101, 7AG9, 7AG10 Hasegawa 00064, 00081, KA1 (04101), KA109, SP51 (51551), Monogram 5452
F-4K Fujimi 27008, 27019, 270197, H-6 (7AH6), H-8 (7AH8), H-19 7AH19
F-4M Fujimi 27009, 27020, H-9 (7AH9), H-20 (7AH20)
F-4N Fujimi 26003, 72104, 7AG3, Hasegawa 00043, 00151, 00365, 00367, KA3
F-4S Fujimi 26017, 7AG1 Hasegawa KA2 (04102), 00067, 00394, 00352
FG1 Fujimi 27017, 35101, H-6 (7AH6), H-17 AH17
FG1 25th Anniv Fujimi F34001
FGR2 Fujimi 27018, H-8 (7AH8), H-18 (7AH18), F34002
RF-4B Fujimi 26013, 72106, 7GA13, Hasegawa 00056, 00071, KA9
RF-4C Fujimi 26014, 7AG14
RF-4C/E JASDF Fujimi 72103
RF-4E Fujimi 72106, 7GA15, 7GA16, Hasegawa KA11 (041011), KA105
RF-4F Fujimi 26016
QF-4N Hasegawa 00604
Old-tool Hasegawa kits to be avoided:
F-4E Hasegawa C1 (00331), C2 (00332), E702
F-4EJ Hasegawa E701
F-4F Hasegawa E703
F-4K/M Hasegawa cat no unknown
Conversion Parts
F4H-1  Falcon C005
F4H-1 No1 or 6 DB Productions 2033
F4H-1 'Skyburner' DB Productions 2035
F4H-1 'Sageburner' DB Productions 2036
RF-4ES 'Peace Jack' nose  Eagle Designs 72-CK-07, Paragon 72039
Cast Detail Parts
AAR probes PP Aeroparts AC709
Air intake set Kendall 7013
Air intake covers Airparts 012
Flaps Paragon 72038
Inboard extended slats Paragon 72058
Jet nozzles  Aires 7272
Martin Baker Mk 5 ejection seat, early F-4's  Aeroclub EJ003
Martin Baker Mk 7 ejection seat, UK F-4's Neomega EJ 72008, Kendall 727015, Pavla S72001, True Details 72407, Verlinden 0439
Undercarriage set  Aeroclub V184
Wheels w/- flattened bottoms True Details 72006
F-4B/C/D/N afterburner Highflight 7206
F-4B/C/D/N jet nozzles Cutting Edge CEC72023
F-4B/C/D/N jet nozzles & afterburners  Eagle Designs 72-CK-12
F-4B/N wheel hubs & rubber tyres Equipage 72234
F-4B/N wheels w/- flattened bottoms True Details 72007
F-4C thru G wheel hubs & rubber tyres Equipage 72235
F-4E update set Verlinden 0553
F-4E/F/G inboard extended wing pylons Paragon 72054
F-4E/F/G/J/S jet nozzles & afterburners  Eagle Designs 72-CK-06
F-4E/J/S afterburner Highflight 7207
F-4F cockpit  Aires 7275
F-4F wheel bays  Aires 7283
F-4J/S wheels w/- flattened bottoms True Details 72009
F-4J/S wheel hubs & rubber tyres Equipage 72236
HIAC1 Lorop recce pod Paragon 72056
SUU-23A gun pod Hasegawa X72-2, Kendall 727019
Etched Detail Parts
Canopy frame details Airwaves 72023, Kendall 72014, Model Technologies 0026
Cockpit sill & gasket set Fotocut F472
Intake FOD guards  Eduard 72411
Seat belt buckles Extratech 72005
UK boarding ladders PP Aeroparts AL721
US boarding ladders PP Aeroparts AL728
Wing fold hinge details  Airwaves 72213
F-4B/N  Eduard 72135, 72394
F-4E  Eduard SS123
F-4E  Eduard 72124, 73201, SS201
F-4E exhaust  Eduard 72395
F-4E/G exhaust nozzle details  Eduard 72126
F-4E/J seat harness Airwaves 72035
F-4F  Eduard 72340
F-4G  Eduard 72121
F-4J cockpit details Airwaves 72022
F-4J update set KMC 7012
F-4J/S  Eduard 72141
Vacform Canopies
F-4 Aeroclub C036
Instrument Placards
F-4C Airkit ATC45
F-4D Airkit ATC44
RF-4C Airkit ATC46
Paint Masks
Canopy & wheels Eduard XS035
Canopy & wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72058
F-4  E-Z Masks 70
F-4B/N wheel hubs for  Black Magic CEBM72019
F-4C/D/E/F/G wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72020
F-4E/F canopy & wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72127
F-4E/RF-4E canopy & wheels Eduard XS090
F-4J Ferris scheme camouflage templates  Black Magic CEBM72108
F-4J/S wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72021
RF-4 canopy & wheels  Eduard XS043
Data stencilling, high visibility USN/USMC style, for 4 a/c CAM 72011
Formation light strips CAM 72A01, Detail & Scale DS-03-72
Walkways, general purpose, black, grey CAM 72053
Walkways: black, grey, outlined, USAF style Superscale 72484
Walkways: black, grey, blue-grey, USN/USMC style Superscale 72485
F-4B/J/S Data stencilling, black Superscale 72164
F-4C/D/E/G/K/M Data stencilling, white Superscale 72237
F4H-1 prototype, 'Sageburner' record setter Tasman 7205
F-4E 1 & 6 Sqns: 97205, 97209, 97215, 97220, 97234, etc Aussie Decals A72036
F-4F 37+69, 38+57 JABO 36 Modeldecal 046
F-4F G-71 25th Anniv, JBG-35 Superscale 72486
F-4F 37+86 JG 71 'Richtofen' 25th Anniv, 37+56 JG 73 Revell 04615
F-4F most serials Norm 83A/B 2-tone green & grey scheme: includes 1991 Tiger Meet, 5000 hrs Anniv, TAM1988, Bergstrom a/c: 'Evelin', 'Wayne', 'Hooters', 'Dirty Harry' Airdoc 7202
F-4F most serials Norm 90J 3-tone grey scheme: includes Holloman a/c, 35th Anniv FBW, 6000 hrs Anniv Airdoc 7201
F-4F 38+60 JG 72 35th Anniv, 38+61 JG 71 'Richtofen' Norm 90J 3-tone grey scheme Cutting Edge CED72041
RF-4E 35+26 AG 51, 35+47 AG 52 Superscale 72087
RF-4E AKG 51 Immelmann 25th Anniv, AKG 52 Tiger Meet Superscale 72487
F-4D 3-602 Cutting Edge CED72020
F-4E Sqn Badges Isradecal IAF-1
F-4E 109 'Ahat' Sqn Yom Kippur, 147 'Bat' Sqn, 151 'Orange Tails' Sqn, 238 'Scorpion' Sqn, 317 'Hammers' Sqn Hi Decal 72025
F-4E no details available Superscale 72106
F-4E/RF-4E markings for 12 a/c Cutting Edge CED72004
F-4E/RF-4E all serials, 5 different Sqns Skys Decals 72008
Kurnass 2000 715 'Bat' Sqn Hi Decal 72025, Skys 72008
RF-4E 497 'Hammers' Sqn Hi Decal 72025
RF-4ES 492 'Bat' Sqn Hi Decal 72025
F-4EJ 301, 302 Sqns Modeldecal 043
F-4EJ Kai Data stencilling Platz JD-7
F-4EJ Kai 8 Sqn 'Panthers' Hasegawa KX105
F-4EJ Kai 8 Sqn Misawa 1998 Hasegawa KX107
F-4EJ Kai 306 Sqn 15th Anniv Komatsu Hasegawa KX103
F-4EJ Kai Air Combat Meet 1994 Hasegawa KA103
F-4EJ Kai Air Combat Meet 1995: 301 Sqn Hasegawa KA110
F-4EJ Kai Air Combat Meet 1995: 302 Sqn, 306 Sqn Hasegawa KA108
F-4EJ Kai Air Combat Meet 1997 Hasegawa KX104
F-4EJ Kai Air Combat Meet 1999 Hasegawa 00032, Platz JD-9
F-4EJ Kai Air Combat Meet 2000 Hasegawa 00091, Platz JD-9
F-4EJ Kai Air Combat Meet 2001 Hasegawa 00193, Platz JD-8
F-4EJ Kai Air Combat Meet 2002. 302 TFS 83 AW: 07-8428, 17-8440; 301 TFS 5 TFW: 57-5422, 87-8404 Platz JD-19
F-4EJ Kai 'Aggressor' Hasegawa 00058
F-4EJ Kai dk blue aggressor scheme Platz JD-18
F-4EJ Kai 'Black Panther' Hasegawa 00173
F-4EJ Kai 47-8324 306 TFS 10th Anniv, 07-8428 306 TFS Hasegawa 00173
  South Korea
F-4D 40957 151 TFS 17 TFW Cutting Edge CED72020
RF-4C 12-59 Esc 123 Ala 12 Cutting Edge CED72020
F-4E 111 & 112 Sqns, all serials Kedi 72003
F-4E 68-0342 Xtradecal X03372
RF-4E all serials 113 Sqn Kedi 72003
F3  74 Sqn all serials Modeldecal 076
F3 74 Sqn serials for 8 a/c Superscale 72486, Yellowhammer 7201
F3 74 Sqn 1988 Tiger Meet Model Art 7203, Yellowhammer 7201
FG1 all Sqns Maintrack 724
FG1 43 Sqn Modeldecal 064
FG1 111 Sqn barley grey scheme Modeldecal 065
FG1 XV571/A 43 Sqn 70th Anniv Modeldecal 089
FG1 XV574/Z 111 Sqn Black fin Modeldecal 090
FG1 XV582/M 111 Sqn 'Black Mike' Modeldecal 101
FG1 XT874/J 43 Sqn grey/green Xtradecal X00372
FG1 XV571/A 43 Sqn, XV574/Z 111 Sqn Xtradecal X00472
FG1/FGR2 XV590/R 892 Sqn, XV469/T 56 Sqn, XV467/Q 92 Sqn, XV422/J 19 Sqn Superscale 72554
FGR2 XV424 Alcock & Brown Fujimi F34002, Superscale 72238
FGR2 XT899/B 19 Sqn overall blue retirement scheme Check Six 7202
FGR2 XV423/Y 74 Sqn 1991 Tigermeet Check Six 7202
FGR2 all Sqns Maintrack 724
FGR2 56 Sqn, 2 Sqn 1970's Modeldecal 037
FGR2 XV424 56 Sqn 60th Anniv Alcock & Brown CAM 72042, Modeldecal 055
FGR2 Barley grey scheme: 19, 23, 56 Sqns; grey/green scheme: 19, 92 Sqns Modeldecal 064
FGR2 92 Sqn, 64 Sqn, 228 OCU barley grey scheme Modeldecal 065
FGR2 23 Sqn,19 Sqn grey/green scheme Modeldecal 065
FGR2 23, 29, 56 Sqns, Pt Stanley Modeldecal 073
FGR2 228 OCU: XT900 CO's a/c, XV393 Modeldecal 089
FGR2 6, 14, 17, 31 Sqns circa 1970 Modeldecal 094
FGR2 XV426/CC 228 OCU Modeldecal 095
Update for 31, 43, 92, 111 Sqns Modeldecal 097
FGR2 1435 Flt Falklands Modeldecal 115
FGR2 XV408/Z 92 Sqn overall blue retirement scheme Check Six 7202, Modeldecal 116
FGR2 XT416/H 111 Sqn Xtradecal X00372
FGR2 XT914/Z 56 Sqn, 74 Sqn final season display a/c Xtradecal X02872
FGR2 XT899/B 19 Sqn 76th Anniv overall blue retirement scheme Check Six 7202, Xtradecal XFSM1, Yellowhammer 7201
FG1 all Sqns Maintrack 724
F-4K Transatlantic Race Almark S01
F-4M 767 Sqn late 1960's Modeldecal 002
F-4E 5000th Phantom Hasegawa 00158, Superscale 72224
F-4 National Insignia & data stencilling for SEA & Euro 1 schemes Airdoc S7203
F-4 30th Anniv Repliscale 1006
F-4 497 TFS Modeldecal 002
F-4 22, 23, 334, 335, 336 TFS's, 57 FIS, 49 TFW, 4 TFW, ADWC Superscale 72198
F-4C 37-604 559 TFS 12 TFW Eagle Strike 72025
F-4C 336 TFW Gunfighters: 64-776 Maj RD Anderson & Capt F Kjer, 63-7500 'The Blue Max', 64-803 'Roadrunner', 64-660 'Speedo 1' (1st F-4 air-to-air gun victory), 64-759 Col Bob Maloy WCO, 64-820 Lt Col R Titus 389 TFS CO, 63-7704 480 TFS 'Speedo III' Fox One 72002
F-4C 63-7584 58 TFTW US Bi-Centennial & 1977 Superscale 72224
F-4C 64-0289 482 TFW AFRES Superscale 72380
F-4C 63-7589 36 TFS Superscale 72385
F-4C/D 8 TFW Wolfpack: 63-7680/FP Col. Olds, 63-7647/FY 555 TFS Maj. Pascoe, 66-0249/FY Capt Gullick, 63- 7556/FG 433 TFS, 64-0839/FY, 63-7653/FP, 63-7668FY or FP, 63-7623/FG, 64-0829/FG Fox One 72004
F-4C/D/RF-4C 67-463 Ritchie MiG killer, 11 TRS: 65-0870 'Hillbilly Slick' & 65-905 'Tumbleweed' Cutting Edge CED72016
F-4C/E 557 TFS, 559 TFS, 556 TFS, 34 TFS, 469 TFS Superscale 72076
F-4C/E 469 TFS, 555 TFS, 34 TFS, 58 TFS Superscale 72112
F-4D 56-723 13 TFS Carpena 7225
F-4D 68-782 25 TFS 8 TFW, 68-723 13 TFS 432 TFW, 68-775 480 TFS 366 TFW Eagle Strike 72025
F-4D 66-765 906 TFG AFRES Wright Patterson F-4 30th Anniv Repliscale 1010
F-4D 89 TFS AFRES Dayton Superscale 72492
F-4D 66-502 LN Xtradecal X03472
F-4D Steve Ritchie MiG killer Superscale 72144
F-4D 555 TFS 432 TRW MiG Killers: 67-463 Steve Ritchie, 67-554 'Trapper' 'Snoopy' Superscale 72144
F-4D 66-502 LN Xtradecal X03472
F-4D 57 FIS ADC Iceland Superscale 72293
F-4D/E Wing CO's: 4 TFW Seymour Johnson, 31 TFW, 3 TFW Clark Superscale 72371
F-4D/E/G/RF-4E USAFE in Germany SEA scheme early 1970's: 526 FS, 512 FS, 480 TFW, 81 TFW, 22 TFS, 53 TFS 23 TFS etc Airdoc M7203
F-4E Thunderbirds demo team Fujimi 26008, 7AG8Hasegawa SP52, 51552
F-4E 74-643 57 FWW Superscale 72285
F-4E 68-0493 1978 William Tell, 67-0275 3 TFW, 68-420 45 TFS Superscale 72385
F-4E 67-233 336 TFS, 34 TFS: 67-261 'Okie', 70-269, 68-313 'Spunky VI', 69-290 334 TFS Superscale 72431
F-4E 68-531 20 FS George CO Superscale 72660
F-4E 57 FIS Keflavik: 3 a/c Experts Choice 7204
F-4E 69-517 FW standard camou scheme Experts Choice 7214
F-4E Clark AFB Hill grey scheme: 71-1086 3 TFW Gunsmoke 1989, 72-1119 13th AF Incirlik, 72-1407 3 TFS AeroMaster 72153
F-4E 67-384: 181 TFS Terre Haute 1979, Phabulous Phantoms 1981 Experts Choice 7220
F-4E/G/RF-4E USAFE in Germany SEA & Euro 1 schemes: 81 TFS, 480 TFS, 23 TFS, 526 TFS, 512 TFS, 38 TRS, 26 TFW, 10 TFS, 496 TFS, 512 TFS, etc Airdoc M7204
F-4G 90 TFS Hill grey scheme w/- shark mouths: 69-0249, 69-0291, 69-7551, 69-0244 AeroMaster 72153
F-4G Op Desert Storm grey scheme: most serials 52 TFW Spangdahlem, most serials 561 FS Nellis Airdoc 72006
F-4G 69-561 561 FS George, 69-244 23 TFS Spangdahlem Op Desert Storm Superscale 72660
F-4G 52 TFW: 69-295, 69-250, 69-252 Xtradecal X00872
RF-4C 65-843 106 TRS 'Recce Rebels', US Bi-Centennial Carpena 72070
RF-4C 64-1041 106 RS Birmingham 35th Anniv F-4's first flight Experts Choice 7218
RF-4C 11 TRS Superscale 72112
RF-4C 26 TRW: 71-251 & 72-152 Xtradecal X00872
RF-4C 64-009 363 TRW, 68-571 17 TRS 1974 Royal Flush Meet Superscale 72320
RF-4C 69-370 38 TRS Zweibrucken, 69-357 67 RW Bergstrom Superscale 72659
RF-4C most serials 38 TRS Zweibrucken Op Desert Storm Airdoc 72006
RF-4C 68-567 1 TRS 'Starize' Xtradecal X01072
YF-4C no details available Superscale 72137
YF-4E 65-0713 Edwards Superscale 72224
F-4 North Dakota ANG Superscale 72198
F-4C 63-704 Louisiana ANG 'Coonass Militia', 64-829 Texas ANG, 64-806 Hawaii ANG, 64-7706 Oregon ANG William Tell 1984 Repliscale 1028
F-4C 64-0766 Oregon ANG: SEA camou & ADC grey schemes Superscale 72380
F-4C/D Minnesota ANG, Alabama ANG, Louisiana ANG 'Coonass Militia' Superscale 72468
F-4C/D Michigan ANG William Tell 1982/84, Texas ANG Superscale 72492
F-4C/D/RF-4C Michigan ANG: 63-583 'Never trust a Smiling Cat', 'Baby We Bad', No More Mister Nice Guy', FJ-440, 66-7483 Test Sqn Edwards, 65-0941 Cutting Edge CED72015
F-4D 66-485 136 FIS 107 FIG New York ANG Cutting Edge CED72020
F-4D Oregon ANG 63-704 European 1 scheme, 63-490 Egypt 1 scheme Repliscale 1007
F-4D 66-681 160 TFS Alabama ANG Superscale 72541
F-4D/E North Dakota ANG, Hawaii ANG, Michigan ANG Superscale 72293
F-4E 68-529: 163 TFS 'Blacksnakes' 122 TFW Ft Wayne 'Last of the ANG Phantom Gun Fighters' & 'Phabulous Phantoms' 1992 Don Spering scheme Experts Choice 7214
F-4G Idaho ANG: 69-0298 final scheme, 69-0305 Op Provide Comfort, last USAF F-4 sortie, 69-0551 Boise Pharewell 1975-1996 Retirement Leading Edge 7217
RF-4C 117 TRW Alabama ANG Egypt 1 scheme: 65-854 Wing CO, 65-853 106 TRS CO, 64-044 shark mouth, 64-043 nose art Repliscale 1031
RF-4C 65-0897 Nevada ANG, 64-1063 Kentucky ANG, 64-1050, 65-8320 Nebraska ANG Superscale 72369
RF-4C 65-843 106 RS Alabama ANG 75th Anniv Experts Choice 7220
RF-4C 66-423 153 TRS Mississippi ANG Superscale 72320
RF-4C 37753 Gen Graham CO TRC, 63-753 Alabama ANG Photo Meet, 65-905 11 TRS Udorn Superscale 72324
RF-4C 65-0870 192 TRS Nevada ANG 'High Rollers' Superscale 72659
RF-4C Op Desert Storm: 38 TRS/ZR Zweibrucken, 192 TRS Nevada ANG, 06 TRS/BH Birmingham Alabama Airdoc 72006
F-4 VMFA-531 Modeldecal 002
F-4B 151463 WS/4 VMFA-323 'Death Rattlers', 158377 DC/6 VMFA-122 'Crusaders' CAM 72017
F-4B 151007 MG/6 VMFA-321 'Hell's Angels' NAS Andrews,151471 DR/4 VMFA-312 'Checkerboards' MCAS Beaufort CAM 72018
F-4B VMFA-323: 4, 14, VMFA-232, VMFA-314 Superscale 72075
F-4B/J CAG-22, VFMA-312, VFMA-235, VMFA-232 Superscale 72155
F-4B/J US Bi-Centennial: VMFA-312, VMFA-321, VMFA-451 Superscale 72200
F-4J 155733 DR/3 VMFA-312 'Checkerboards' US Bi-Centennial Aeromaster 72179
F-4J 155731 AA/05 VMFA-115; MCAS Beaufort: 1553838 DW/14 VMFA-251, 157242 DC/01 VMFA-122 US Bi-Centennial Aeromaster 72186
F-4J 155783 WT/76 VMFA-232 'Red Devils' MCAS Iwakuni, 155733 DR/3 VMFA-312 MCAS Beaufort CAM 72016
F-4J 153828 VE/000 VMFA-115 'Silver Eagles' US Bi-Centennial MCAS Iwakuni, 153911 AJ/201 VMFA-333 'Shamrocks' USS America CAM 72029
F-4J 153828 VE/000 VMFA-115 MCAS Iwakuni, 155530 AG/206 VF 33 CVW 7 USS Independence, 152323 NK/200 VMFA-531 CAG CVW-14 USS Coral Sea Eagle Strike 72020
F-4J 148377 DC/6 VMFA-122 'Crusaders', 152287 WH/3 VMFA-542, 155819 WD/14 'Lancers' Fox One 72003
F-4J VMFA-334: 155735 WU/6 or 155541 WU/1, 155754 WT/2 VMFA-232, VMFA-333 'Shamrocks' USS America:155526 AJ/201 or 155852 AJ/201 Fox One 72006
F-4J VMFA-212 Superscale 72201
F-4J VMFA-232 Bicentennial, VMFA-531 Superscale 72310
F-4J VMFA-115 low viz Superscale 72412
F-4J VMFA-333 'Shamrocks' Superscale 72338
F-4J 153879 VMFA-235 'Death Angels' Yellowhammer 7204
F-4N 153050 EC/10 VMFA-531 'Grey Ghosts' CAM 72030
F-4N VMFA-531 CAG CAW 14, VMFA-323 CAG USS Coral Sea CAW 14 Superscale 72495
F-4S 153904 MG/000 VMFA-321 'Hell's Angels' 'Phabulous Phantoms' NAS Andrews CAM 72030
F-4S VMFA-333 low visibility scheme Superscale 72412
F-4S 155827 VMFA-312, 153860 VMFA-321 Superscale 72541
F-4S VMFA-321 'Hell's Angels' Hasegawa 00067
F-4S VMFA-321 Retirement Repliscale 1035
RF-4B VMFP-3: 10 US Bi-Centennial, 22, VMCJ-1 Superscale 72201
RF-4B VMFP-3 Black Special Hasegawa 00056
RF-4B VMFP-3: 23, 14 low visibility Superscale 72324
RF-4B VMCJ-3 Superscale 72320
RF-4C 7351 VMFP-3 Retirement El Toro Experts Choice 7220
F4H-1 protoype markings Tasman 7205
F-4 VC-7 red scheme, VX-4 blue/green camo scheme Superscale 72137
F-4 MiG killers: NL/201 VF-111 Weigand, NK/212 VF-142 Davis, NF/100 VF-161 Superscale 72145
F-4B 150628 AA/100 VF-11 'Red Rippers' CAG USS Forrestal Aeromaster 72178
F-4B 152965 AA/100 VF-11 'Red Rippers' CAG Aeromaster 72191
F-4B VF-32 'Swordsmen' USS John F Kennedy, VF-84 'Jolly Rogers' USS Independence CAM 72006
F-4B VF-51 'Screaming Eagles' USS Coral Sea, VF-111 'Sundowners' USS Coral Sea CAM 72013
F-4B VF-102 'Diamondbacks' USS Enterprise, VF-111 'Sundowners' USS Coral Sea CAM 72019
F-4B 148404 AF/108 VF-102 'Diamondbacks' USS Enterprise,153018 NL/201 VF-111 'Sundowners' USS Coral Sea w/- shark mouth CAM 72019
F-4B 152986 ND/100 VF-301 US Bi-Centennial Eagle Strike 72017
F-4B 159457/NL/113 VF-51 USS Coral Sea Winston Copeland/Don Bouchous MiG killers Eagle Strike 72060
F-4B VF-111 'Sundowners' Modeldecal 015
F-4B 207 VF-103, 108 VF-102, 208 VF-84 Superscale 72064
F-4B 151409 VF-92 CAG CAW 9 USS Ranger Superscale 72420
F-4B NM/100 VF-51 Superscale 72218
F-4B/J VF-31 USS Saratoga, VF-33 USS America, VF-65 Superscale 72066
F-4B/J VF-51 CAG Coral Sea, VF-96 CAG America, VF-114 CAG Superscale 72111
F-4B/J VX-4 'Screaming Eagle' US Bi-Centennial, VF-111 CAG, VF-142 CAG Superscale 72174
F-4G 150642 VF-213 CAW 11 Superscale 72490
F-4J VX-4 'Black Bunny' Hasegawa KA109, Superscale 72137
F-4J Blue Angels demo team Fujimi 7AG10 Hasegawa SP51 (51551)
F-4J VX-4 'Vandy 76' Hasegawa 00064
F-4J 155854 AC/200 VF-103 CAG USS Saratoga, 150442 AD/200 VF 302 US Bi-Centennial CO Reserve CAW 30 NAS Miramar Aeromaster 72178
F-4J 15374 AD/200 VF-74 'Be Devillers' USS Nimitz Aeromaster 72179
F-4J 55861 AE/200 VF-84 USS Roosevelt, 155544 AD/106 VF-101 US Bi-Centennial Aeromaster 72191
F-4J VF-33 'Tarsiers' USS America, VF-74 'Be-Devilers' USS Nimitz CAM 72003
F-4J 157270 NH/00 VF-114 'Aarvarks' USS Kittyhawk,158356 NE/206 VF-21 'Freelancers' USS Ranger CAM 72004
F-4J 157299 AC/206 VF-103 'Sluggers' USS Saratoga, 157308 AA/100 VF-11 CAG USS Forrestal CAM 72014
F-4J 155847 AE/110 VF-41 'Black Aces' USS FDR, 155882 NH/100 CAG VF-213 'Black Lions' USS KItty Hawk CAM 72026
F-4J 153817 NL/101 VF-191 'Satan's Kittens' US Bi Centennial USS Coral Sea, 155781 AG/202 VF-33 'Tarsiers' USS Independence CAM 72028
F-4J 153795 NJ/100 VF-121 CAG Miramar Eagle Strike 72017
F-4J 153795 AD/106 VF-74 USS America, 153817 NL/101 VF-191 USS Coral Sea US Bi-Centennial Eagle Strike 72032
F-4J 155731 AJ/200 VF-142 CAG USS America, 155530 AD/177 VF-71 NAS Oceana Eagle Strike 72033
F-4J 153803 NJ/164 VF-121 USS Ranger Eagle Strike 72060
F-4J 158373/NE/100 VF-154 Cdr Bud Edney CAG USS Ranger Eagle Strike 72061
F-4J MiG killers: 157269 VF-92 Lt Curt Dose USS Constellation, 157307 VF-31 Cdr Sam Flynn USS Saratoga, 157299 VF-103 LCdr Gene Tucker USS Saratoga Fox One 72001
F-4J 148377 DC/6 VMFA-122 'Crusaders', 152287 WH/3 VMFA-542,155819 WD/14 'Lancers' Fox One 72003
F-4J VF-11, VF-21, VF-74, VF-92 Superscale 72199
F-4J VF-101 CAW 4 Superscale 72317
F-4J VF-33 CAG CAW 7 Superscale 72333
F-4J VF-102 CAG CAW 6 Superscale 72410
F-4J 155882 VF-213 CAG CAW 11 Superscale 72490
F-4J 'Showtime 100' VF-96 Yellowhammer 7202
F-4J VF-83, VF-192 Ferris scheme Yellowhammer 7203
F-4J VX-4 Black Bunny Yellowhammer 7204
F-4N 153065 NK/100 VF-154 USS Coral Sea Aeromaster 72179
F-4N VF-151 'Vigilantes' USS Midway, VF-161 'Chargers' USS Midway CAM 72005
F-4N 153050 EC/10 VMFA-531 'Grey Ghosts' CAM 72030
F-4N 152254 AF/200 VF-202 CAG CVWR 20 NAS Dallas Eagle Strike 72017
F-4N 150476 NL/76 VF-51 USS Coral Sea US Bi-Centennial Eagle Strike 72032
F-4N 151489 AE/100 VF-41 CAG USS Roosevelt Eagle Strike 72033
F-4N 151420/AE/122 VF-41 Black Aces US Bi-Centennial, 151000/NL/200 VF-111 Cdr Pederson CAG USS Coral Sea Eagle Strike 72061
F-4N 153053/NK/105 VF-154 low visibility scheme Scale Aircraft Modelling 72012
F-4N 151400 CAG CAW 5 Superscale 72316
F-4N USS Midway US Bi-Centennial: VF-151, VF-161 Superscale 72309
F-4N VF-151 Superscale 72310
F-4N/S 152226 VF-171, 155864 VF-302, 153908 VF-301 Ferris scheme Superscale 72440
F-4N/S 153053 VF-154 Coral Sea, 153872 VF-103, 155767 VF-171 low visibility scheme Superscale 72441
F-4S 153881 VF-161 Repliscale 1019
RF-4B 157351 overall black scheme, 157342 CAG Retirement Repliscale 1031
Kit Reviews
Fujimi F-4K/M/FG1/FGR2
The Fujimi range of F-4's used to be the best until the Hasegawa late tool came out. Because Fujimi is the only brand to offer the Spey engined variants, it is the most complete range of F-4's. The Spey variant has separate auxiliary intakes on fuselage sides as per the real thing. For ordnance it has 4 AIM-7E Sparrows, 4 AIM-9E Sidewinders, 2 good wing drop tanks, an SUU-23A centerline gun pod, and a centreline drop tank. The centreline tank is inaccurate because it features a parallel constant cross section not appropriate to UK F-4's, and it is too large to be an F-15 item. The kit also features an optional extended front oleo, the deepest main wheel wells of all the brands, optional 4 piece or single piece canopies, raised cockpit detail, acceptable detail on undercarriage doors, and has a slotted tailplane. The join at the outer wing panels has been engineered in such a way that the wing hinges are correctly portrayed as one-piece components, and is the only kit of the three brands reviewed here to do so.

Even though this kit is not quite as accurate as the Hasegawa kit, it has very pleasing lines, and is more accurate than the Revell toolling in the areas of the canopy, nose, fin cap, and rear empenage. Compared to Detail & Scale & Aerofax Minigraph drawings, the fuselage length may be undersize, but judgement on this is reserved until more precise drawings are obtained. The Spey fuselage width does not seem to cater for mainwheel accomodation in the wheel wells, the fuselage spine has a slight longitudinal bulge when viewed from front-on, and the fin is a little too thick.

Hasegawa late tool
A very complete tooling, it caters comprehensively for all the US engined variants. Subtle details are rendered correctly: it has the most accurate rear empenage, well rendered fin tip, and the forward missile troughs have the correct rounded rear end, whereas the other brands finish more abruptly. It has the most accurate canopy of all the brands with separate canopy pieces. F-4E tooling has early & late styles of gun muzzle, TISEO, and the option of slatted wings. Overlapping panelling on the rear efflux is portayed more subtley than the Revell tooling but is still slightly overscale. The kit includes original teardrop & F-15 style centreline tanks, but no missiles. There are some drawbacks: no raised cockpit detail, and the wing drop tanks and original centreline tank is inaccurate. The wing tanks are tapered where there should be a constant cross section, and the centreline tank has a clumbsy curve line to it. Main wheel wells are too shallow, fin fuel dump vent is indistinct, the upward curve on the leading edge of the tailplane is too pronounced, and the panel lines on the tanks and pylons are a little heavy. A small omission is the lack of a raised teardrop panel at the centreline pylon attachment point,which was only noticed because the Revell kit does include this. Wing join line goes right through wing hinge fairing, compromising what should be a single component. Compared to the Detail & Scale drawings the fuselage length is undersize, but again, judgement is reserved for the time being.

It is very important not to confuse the late tooling of F-4E's and F-4EJ's with Hasegawa's old generation tooling which is substantially inferior. The old tooling can easily be recognised by raised panel lines, a single piece canopy, a good deal

less parts in the box, and ironically, more accurate drop tanks. For some bizarre reason Hasegawa still produces this old tool. Some known catalogue nos of this old tool are listed above. If you happen to stumble across one of these old tool kits at a garage sale for a couple of bucks, get it for the drop tanks, and use the rest of the parts to practise your airbrushing on. Hasegawa also produced a kit of the F-4K/M at one time, but it was substantially inferior to the Fujimi kit.

Revell F-4F
The most positive aspect of this tooling is that small details have been rendered particularly well; it is noticeably superior to the other brands. An example is the beautifully rendered fin fuel dump vent, which makes the other brands look decidedly crude. It has superior rivet detail, cockpit & undercarriage door detail, weighted tyres, a rendition of the engine front fan blades (the only kit to do so) and very fine Sidewinder launch rails. The tooling is dimensionally accurate compared to drawings published by Detail & Scale, and it is the only tooling to sport the auxiliary intakes underneath the fuselage. The F-4F offers the option of slatted wings. As well as surpassing the Hasegawa tooling in the rendering of fine detail, this kit offers more ordnance: 4 AIM-120 AMRAAM's, 4 AIM-9L Sidewinders, an ALQ-119 ECM pod, an F-15 centreline tank, very good wing drop tanks.

There are weaknesses that let this kit down from what should be the No1 spot. The longitudinal crease that separates the fuselage spine from the engine nacelles continues too far back towards the jet pipes resulting in an overly abrupt change in contour at the rear empenage. The fin tip cap has slight downward taper/rake, the canopy is too flat/shallow, the rear empenage is too slender when viewed from side-on, main wheel wells are too shallow, there is no leading edge slot on the tailplane, and the nose is slightly too slender. The kit tries valliantly to portray the overlapping panelling on the rear efflux but the result is overscale. As on the Hasegawa kit, the wing join line goes right through the wing hinge.

Overall for accuracy, the later tool Hasegawa kits are still best offering of the F-4 in this scale, although the gap has closed somewhat with the release of the new tool Revell kits. A universal failure is a lack of separate airbrakes, and the lack of subtle 'waisting' or area ruling evident in the pilot's canopy of the real thing. Those who consider accuracy to be critical may wish to try grafting the pertinent parts of a Spey engined Fujimi F-4 and its wing drop tanks onto a Hasegawa US F-4 for the ideal result. Combining the major components and canopy of a Hasegawa F-4 with the smaller parts and ordnance from a Revell kit would produce the ideal J79 engined F-4.

The Monogram tooling is included in the Census because the kit was so highly recommended by the Author of the F-4C/D Detail & Scale book; it possibly does include separate air brakes. I have not personally seen one of these kits 1st hand, so I cannot vouch for its accuracy. For a review of this tooling, go offsite to Modelling Madness.

Last updated 19/05/03.
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