Lockheed YF-22 Lightning II, F-22A Raptor.
F-22A Revell 04386 
YF-22 Italeri 194 , Revell 4314, Testors 0194, 656 
Cast Detail Parts
Wheel hubs & rubber tyres Equipage 72268
ACES II ejection seat Neomega EJ72011, Pavla S72012, True Details 72406, Verlinden 0226
Etched Detail Parts
F-22A Eduard 72375, BIG7245, SS181
F-22A boading ladder Eduard 72482
F-22A exterior Eduard 72485
F-22A interior Eduard 73351, SS341
F-22A weapons bay Eduard 72481
Paint Masks
F-22A Eduard CX214 
F-22A all squadrons, all serials. what-if hypothetical schemes Platz NBM21
F-22A 00-016/OT Nellis, Edwards ED: 91-4002, 91-4006 Two Bobs 72056
F-22A Langley FF: 03041 1 FW flagship, 03044 27 FS 'Fightin Eagles', 04062 or 04068 94 FS 'Spads' Two Bobs 72057
F-22A Tyndall TY: 024040 325 FW flagship, 014018 43 FS flagship, 02-034 Two Bobs 72057
F-22A Elmendorf AK 90 FS: 05090 flagship, 05093, 05096 Two Bobs 72071
F-22A 04082 149 FS 192 FW Cdr's a/c Wolfpak 72-007
F-22A-10 01018 43 FS Tyndal TY Brig Gen Mark Bennett Revell 04386
F-22A-20 Langley FF Cdr's a/c: 03061 1 FW flagship, 04067 94 FS Lt Col Dirk Smith, 03047 27 FS 'Fightin Eagles' Lt Col Wade Tolliver Revell 04386
F-22A-30 05094 94 FS 'Spads' Langley FF Lt Col Kevin Fesler, Elmendorf AK: 05090 90 FS Lt Col Michael 'Decker' Shower, 05102 302 FS Col Eric Overturf Revell 04386
F-22A all sqns, mostly commander's aircraft Platz NBM21
Kit Review
Italeri F-22A
Revell 04386
Italeri's tooling has beaten the competition to market by a considerable margin. The tooling's strong points include reasonably accurate contours, generally well-engineered part fit, and no sink marks on flying surfaces (due to separately molded halves). The kit includes wing pylons and JDAMS, a fully featured weapons bay with lots of options for displaying weapons, and super-crisp decals. The instrument panel coaming approaches scale thickness, the transparency is crisp & distortion-free, and some will appreciate the separate canopy frame. Panel line placement appears accurate at first glance, if a little overscale.

The kit is let down, however, in a number of areas. It has notional interior detail, particularly in the main weapons bay; and a poorly integrated transition between the circular cross section of afterburner and the square cross section of the efflux/nozzles. The knife-edge bevels characteristic of the real thing are clumsily wrought, with radiuses where there should be crisp creases. The fuselage lateral break line at leading edge of the wing is placed badly- it creates a kink on the fuselage spine (when viewed side-on) where there should be a smooth curve. The joint is awkward to assemble and will require great care in jigging/aligning to ensure the correct 'sit' of the front compared to the rest of the fuselage/wing. Intakes and intake tunnels are very crudely rendered. There is no scalloping of the control surface ends, no AIM-9X's, and no wing tanks. The sprue mounting for the wings is right on the hinge line for the wing flaps, and will be a chore to clean up. The formation strip lighting decals are printed in the wrong colour.

This is the definitive kit of the F-22. The plan and silhouette are very accurate, the underside is very well rendered. The kit includes 6 AIM-120C AMRAAMS with clipped fins, 2 AIM-9M's, 2 AIM-9X's, 2 drop tanks, and 2 GBU-32 JDAM bombs. The weapons bay doors have crisp relief detail, there is a separate arrestor hook, an option of extended Sidewinder launch rails, and an option of open jet paddles. There are decals for Commanders' aircraft with shadowed codes, no regular service aircraft are included. Stencilling and stripes are included for AIM-120's, AIM-9's, and the drop tanks. There are a few subtle inaccuracies though. The top of the engine nacelles are just a little too straight when viewed in profile, they should a very slight convex curve that droops down to the jet paddles. There is an area right in the centre top of the fuselage which is a little too flat. The inner walls of the air intakes are just a little too curved, they should be more straight when viewed in plan. The gun muzzle recess is a little too deep. The humps on the leading edge wing roots are too pronounced and shaped like teardrops, they should be more blended and square. What impressed me most about this tooling is Revell's excellent depiction of the contortional intake trunking. Unlike Italeri's offering, it snakes to halfway down the weapons bay and smoothly integrates into the air intakes with a minimum of disruption. Very well done. This tooling is Hasegawa standard.
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Wikipedia entry

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