Lockheed, Lockheed-Martin.
A-12 Blackbird
AH-56A Cheyenne Legato 053, Miku 72066
Air Express Merlin 7290
CW R-2600 A series engine for B-37 Engines & Things 72156
C-5A Galaxy   Delvac DV72001, ID Models 7202, Tyson FJT1D7201
C-5A decals for 0465 436 AW AMC USAF 1995 Delvac DV72001
C-27A Spartan Desktop Models B8972C3R, Sky 002
C-27A decals for 00171 MAC USAF Sky 002
C-56 Lodestar
C-63 Lodestar
C-69 Constellation 'Connie'
C-121 Super Constellation 'Super Connie'
C-130 Hercules 'Herky Bird' 'Fat Albert'
C-133 Cargomaster Combat Models 72-029, Gene Cooper
C-140 Jetstar
C-141A Starlifter Anigrand AA2081
C-141B Starlifter Anigrand AA2082
CL-1200 Lancer Maintrack PX043
EC-121 Warning Star
F-80 Shooting Star
F-94 Starfire
F-104 Starfighter
F-117 'Nighthawk'
L-9D Orion Classic Plane CPI19, Czechmaster CMR0160, Special Hobby 72019
L-10 Electra Dekno 7214, Merlin 7271, Special Hobby 72015 
P&W R-1340 Wasp engine for Electra  Engines & Things 72020
L-10 decals for OK-CTB BAFA Airlines, 7657 RCAF, AX700 RAF Far East, 0267 US Navy Tally Ho 72011
L-10A decals for TCA/Canadian Airways: CF-AZY, CF-TCC Whiskey Jack 72-003
L-12 'Electra Junior'
L-188 Electra
L-212 'Electra Junior'
L-749 Constellation 'Connie'
L-1049 Super Constellation 'Super Connie'
P-2 Neptune
P-3 Orion
P-38 Lightning
PV-1 Ventura
PV-2 Harpoon
S-3 Viking
SR-71 Blackbird 'Sled'
T-33 T Bird
UC-101 MPM 72522
Vega 5
MPM 72522, 72523 , Rareplanes 5001
Vega DL-1 Special MPM 72524
X-27 Lancer Maintrack PX043
X-33 Airmodel AM-039, Part Time Models
XC-35 Execuform EX35
XFV-1 Salmon  Pegasus 3005
XF-90 Maintrack PX031, Wings WM72030
XST 'Have Blue' Maintrack PX401, Pegasus 1021
YF-12 Blackbird 'The Thing'
GTD-21B 'Project Tagboard'  Italeri 145, Monogram 85-5810, Revell 04636 , Wings WM72076 
QF-104 Starfighter
RQ-3 DarkStar Unicraft 7253
Polaris A-1 Sharp
Polaris A-2 Sharp
Polaris A-3 Sharp
Poseidon C-3 Sharp
Trident C-4 Sharp
Trident D-5 Sharp
X-7A Raccoon 72-6
X-7A3 Raccoon 72-6
C-130J Hercules 'Herky Bird' 'Fat Albert'
F-16 Fighting Falcon 'Viper' Block 50/60
F/A-22 Raptor
X-35 JSF Italeri 1209
X-35B JSF Revell 4626 
X-44 MANTA Sharkit
YF-22 Lightning II ATF

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