Grumman F-14A/A+/B Tomcat 'Bombcat', F-14D Super Tomcat.
F-14A Fujimi 28001, 28002, 28003, 34005, I-1 (28005), Hasegawa 00085, 00127, 00287, 00364, 00366, 00532, 00544, GE3, GE14, K37, K38, K39, K105, K115, SL13, SP3, SP61
F-14A Bombcat  Hasegawa SP97
F-14A+ Hasegawa KT2, 00660 
F-14B Hasegawa 00613, K113, K136
F-14B LANTIRN Hasegawa 00078
F-14D Fujimi 34003, 35116, Hasegawa 00024, 00626, KA118, SP4
F-14A old tool Hasegawa GC9, GE2, K12, K12X, SP31, SS20
Cast Detail Parts
F-14  Verlinden 1155
F-14 cockpit  Pavla I7220
F-14A wheel hubs & rubber tyres Equipage 72242
LAU-138 launcher Hasegawa X72-12
Martin Baker GRU-7A ejection seat Airwaves S72059, Neomega EJ 72007, Pavla S72003, True Details 72410, Verlinden 0416
NACES SJU-17 ejection seat for F-14D Pavla S72016, True Details 72409
Pitot tubes Fine Molds AA-26
Etched Detail Parts
Intake FOD guards Eduard 72410
F-14 canopy details Model Technologies 0038
F-14 canopy details  Airwaves C72025
F-14 cockpit details  Airwaves C72024
F-14 crew entry ladder PP Aeroparts L726
F-14 mesh intake grilles PP Aeroparts A720
F-14A  Eduard 72159, SS157, Extratech 72072
F-14A  Eduard 72236
F-14A  Eduard 72362
F-14B  Eduard 72159
F-14D  Eduard 72319, SS150
Instrument Placards
F-14 Airkit ATC43
Paint Masks
F-14 canopy & wheels Eduard XS156
F-14 US national insignia Eduard XS542
F-14D canopy & wheels   Eduard XS040
Data stencilling, full visibility, for 2 a/c CAM 72012, Superscale 72248
Formation striplight panels CAM 72A01, Detail & Scale DS-03-72
F-14A 3-863 IIAF standard Asia Minor scheme Fujimi I-1 (28005)
F-14A 3-6020 IRIAF standard Asia Minor scheme  Fujimi I-1 (28005), Hasegawa K105
F-14A IRIAF: 3-6079 standard Asia Minor scheme , 3-6024 new 2-tone indigenous grey/sand scheme HiDecal 72051
  US Navy
F-14A Data stencilling, low visibility, for 2 a/c CAM 72035
F-14A Data stencilling, low visibility, for 4 a/c Superscale 72557
F-14A VF-114 Aardvarks Persian Gulf 1988: 159864, 159833 Almark C013
F-14A 161621/NF/100 VF-154 Black Knights CAM 72001
F-14A 160398/AJ/106 VF-41 Black Aces,159428/AB/201 VF-33 Starfighters CAM 72024
F-14A 159871/NH/206 VF-213 Black Lions, 158988/NK/216 VF-2 Bounty Hunters CAM 72025
F-14A 159858/NH/103 VF-114 Aardvarks,159461/NK/115 VF-1 Wolfpack CAM 72021
F-14A 161862/AE/201 VF-31 Tomcatters Carpena 72.21
F-14A 161913/AE/206 VF-31 low visibility scheme, 161166AE/110 VF-11 Carpena 72.22
F-14A 160656/NL/200 VF-111 Sundowners CAG Fujimi I-1 (28005)
F-14A VF-21 Freelancers w/- black tail Fujimi 35109
F-14A VF-32 Fujimi 35109, Hasegawa K39
F-14A VF-2 Bounty Hunters Fujimi F28003
F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers Fujimi 28002, Hasegawa 00364, 00544, GE3, GE14, K38
F-14A VF-41 Black Aces Gulf of Sidra Su-22 killers: 160403/AJ/101 or 102, 160390/AJ/107 Detail & Scale DS-0272 , Fujimi F28001, I-1 (28005) , Superscale 72337 
F-14A US Bi-Centennial Hasegawa 00085, SP3
F-14A VF-14 Tophatters Hasegawa 00287, K39, SP97, Modeldecal 049
F-14A VF-31 Tomcatters, VF-102 Diamondbacks Hasegawa 00544, GE14, K38
F-14A VF-111 Sundowners Hasegawa 00366, GE3, K37
F-14A VF-154 Black Knights Millennium Special Hasegawa 00127
F-14A VF-21 Freelancers Hasegawa K37, SP61
F-14A VF-1 Wolfpack Hasegawa K39
F-14A VF-21 Freelancers:162589/NF/202,161616/NF/200 retirement scheme Hasegawa K115
F-14A VF-124 Hasegawa K37
F-14A 161621/NL/200 VF-111 Sundowners 'Miss Molly' Hasegawa SP31
F-14A VF-154 Black Knights Hasegawa SP61
F-14A VF-41 Black Aces Hasegawa SP97
F-14A NSAWC Aggressors: 10 'Su-27' blue splinter scheme, 13 Iranian scheme HiDecal 72051
F-14A VF-124 Miramar Air Show 1987: NJ/450, NJ/451 'Fightertown USA' Repliscale 1002
F-14A 162709/AF/103 VF-201, 161298/NM/101 VF-191 red or low visibility markings Repliscale 1011
F-14A VF-194: 161297/NM/200 overall grey w/- red markings, 159000/NM/204 low visibility scheme Repliscale 1012
F-14A NG/201 VF-24 overall gull grey w/- red data; VF-142:161279/AG/202 low visibility scheme, 162691/AG/201 overall gull grey,162591/NJ/453 display scheme Repliscale 1025
F-14A AE/100 VF-143 Pukin Dogs, AB/205 VF-32, NJ/76 VF-124 US Bi-Centennial scheme Superscale 72171
F-14A NK/101 VF-1, NK/201 VF-2, NJ/401 VF-124, NMC/204 Pt Mugu Superscale 72119
F-14A Oceana: AJ/101 VF-41, AJ/201 VF-84, AB/106 VF-14 overall grey scheme Superscale 72191
F-14A Miramar: NH/105 VF-114, NH/205 VF-213, NG/101 VF-211 Superscale 72192
F-14A NG/200 VF-84; overall grey scheme: NL/201 VF-111, NL/101 VF-51 Superscale 72296
F-14A 161283/AB/111 VF-102, 160674/NL/204 VF-111, 161142/AD/106 VF-33 Superscale 72350
F-14A 159435/AG/110 VF-143, 159010/AC/100 VF-11, 159422/AC/201 VF-31 Superscale 72351
F-14A VF-32: AE/205, AE/212 Superscale 72410
F-14A 160904/AE/104 VF-14, 161283/AD/154 VF-102, 161167/NJ/675 VF-124 Superscale 72438
F-14A 160955/AA/100 VF-74, 159452/AG/202 VF-142, 159633/NG/112 VF-211 Superscale 72439
F-14A VF-1 Ferris scheme, AE/212 VF-142 grey & white scheme, AA/201 VF-103 low visibility scheme Superscale 72480
F-14A 161613/NK/201 VF-21, 161620/NK/105 VF-154; VF-33:159425/AB/200, 15989/AB/205 Superscale 72489
F-14A 161295/NE/206 VF-2 overall white scheme, 159598/AC/205 VF-32 low visibility scheme Superscale 72518
F-14A 159449/AE/200 VF-31, 159447 Pac Missile Test Ctr Pt Mugu Superscale 72519
F-14A Low visibility schemes: 161279/NE/101 VF-1 Wolfpack, 168419/AJ/200 VF-84 Jolly Rogers, XF/43 VX-4 The Evaluators 158836/43 Superscale 72558
F-14A Low visibility schemes: 161442/AD/173 VF-101, 158886/NH/104 VF-114, 159873/NH/213 VF-213 Superscale 72559
F-14A 162700/100 VF-14 70th Anniv, 161621/NL/200 VF-111 'Miss Molly' Superscale 72594
F-14A 161603/NK/200 VF-21 CAG, 161279/NG/201 VF-24, 162589/NJ/451 VF-124 Superscale 72595
F-14A 161603/NK/200 VF-21 CAG black tail Op Desert Shield Superscale 72620
F-14A Op Desert Storm USS JFK:162700AC/100 VF-14 black tail, 159611/AC/200 VF-32 Superscale 72627
F-14A Op Desert Shield: 162919/AA/101 VF-74 'Bedevillers', 161718/NK/100 VF-154 CAG Superscale 72628
F-14A VX-4 Evaluators: 159853/XF/43 tactical scheme, 159424/XF/34 overall gull grey, 158358 Black Bunny scheme, 'Vandy 1' overall black Superscale 72636
F-14A Nose art schemes: 162689/AJ/101 VF-41, 162892/AJ/201 VF-84 Jolly Rogers Superscale 72650
F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers:160655/AJ/207 Commemorative a/c, 160408/AJ/201 CO Superscale 72707
F-14A 161718/NK/100 VF-154 Op Desert Shield overall Lt Gull Grey scheme w/- black tail Superscale 72814
F-14A NSAWC Aggressors: 161869 4-tone blue/grey splinter scheme, 31 'Tomcatsky' 4-tone pale grey/blue camou scheme Two Bobs 72004
F-14A+ Low visibility schemes: 159610/AC/207 VF-32 Gulf of Sidra MiG 23 killer, 162694/AC/201 VF-32, 162691/110 VF-14; VF-74: 160891/AA/100, 162910/AA/101 Repliscale 1024
F-14B VF-101 Grim Reapers Hasegawa K113
F-14B VF-103 Jolly Rogers Hasegawa K136
F-14B 192923/AD/101 VF-101 Grim Reapers NAS Oceana CAM 72001
F-14B 163225/AB/102 VF-102 Diamondbacks Op Enduring Freedom, 161426/AG/103 VF-143 Pukin Dogs CAM 72046
F-14B AB/205 VF-102 Diamondbacks full viz scheme Superscale 72707
F-14B 160408/AJ/201 VF-84 Sqn CO low visibility scheme w/- black tail Superscale 72814
F-14B VF-11 Red Rippers: 161433/AG/200 CAG, 162912/AG/201 alternative coloured mkgs Two Bobs 72027
F-14B+ VF-32 Swordsmen w/- Shuttle Columbia commemorative mkgs: 162916/100/AC CAG 'Deus et Patria', 163224/AC/107 Two Bobs 72028
F-14D VF-11 Red Rippers Hasegawa 00024
F-14D VX-4 Evaluators 'Vandy 1' Hasegawa KA118
F-14D NE/110 VF-2 Tomcatters low visibility scheme, NK/100 VF-31 Bounty Hunters full visibility scheme CAM 72002
F-14D 164600/NK/100 VF-31 CAG Superscale 72814, 72815
F-14D 163414/AD/163 VF-101 Grim Reapers Superscale 72815
F-14D VF-213 Rampant Lions Op Enduring Freedom:164348/NH/100 CAG, 164603/NH/101, 159628 NH/104 Two Bobs 72011
Kit Review
The Hasegawa 'new tool' and Fujimi Tomcat kits were created in the late eighties during the renaissance of Japanese manufacturers, when these two manufactures decided to compete head to head on kit subject. These two kits were the height of that confrontation, and represented the best effort of the two companies at the time. Fujimi's was more 'feature-packed' but Hasegawa's tooling won out on accuracy. Fujimi's final effort to gain supremacy was the release of a complete range of F-4's, but again, Hasegawa surpassed on accuracy with its later toolings although they did not release Spey engined variants. Because of consistent commitment to accuracy, Hasegawa won the battle and is now the pre-eminent Japanese source of 1/72 aircraft kits, while Fujimi receded into the background and has not released a tooling of a new aircraft subject for a very long time.
Hasegawa irritatingly continues to market both its toolings of the Tomcat, each with its own vices and virtues. The later tooling is the definitive Tomcat, the most accurate of any kit. It includes separate flaps and slats, but it does not have swing swings, nor weapons. The older tool does, including 4 AIM-54's, but is less accurate, particularly in the canopy area, and has raised panel lines. Fujimi's tooling is not as accurate as Hasegawa's new tool in the rear nacelle and jet nozzle area, but it does come with 2 TF-30 jet engines and swing wings, as well as a radar antenna, separate flaps and slats, and weapons. The Academy, Italeri, and Revell new tool kits are less accurate than the 3 tools mentioned above.

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