De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter.
DHC-6 Matchbox PK127, Modelcraft 72008 
DHC-6 CF-TVP NorOntair Flight Designs, Modelcraft 72008
DHC-6 all serials CAF UN scheme JBot 72-96-01
DHC-6 606 Air BC JBot 72-17-06
DHC-6 Air Labrador no details available JBot 72-17-07
DHC-6 First Air no details available JBot 72-17-09
DHC-6 Tamalik Air no details available JBot 72-17-18
DHC-6 F-BTAO Air Djibouti JBot 72-17-04
DHC- 6 FAE448 11 Esc IPMS Quito 01
DHC-6 G-BIHO Isles of Scilly Skybus JBot 72-17-11
DHC-6 F-BTCR Air Alpes JBot 72-17-05
DHC-6 various serials TAT Flight Path 7228
DHC-6 OY-BYO Gronlandsfly (Greenland Air) JBot 72-17-01
DHC-6 TF-JMD Flugfelag JBot 72-17-10
DHC-6 Air Iceland New Pegasus scheme: TF-JMC, TF-JMD FDcal 72009
DHC-6 TF-VLE Eagle Air FDcal 72010
DHC-6 5Y-SKL Skytrail JBot 72-17-15
DHC-6 8Q-MAL Maldivian Air Taxi Modelcraft 72008
DHC-6 9M-MOK MAS JBot 72-17-13
DHC-6 9N-AFD Yeti Airlines JBot 72-17-19
DHC-6 PH-DDC Travelair Dutch 72008
DHC-6 PH-SAY Schreiner Airways Dutch 72008
DHC-6 S7-AAR Air Seychelles Liveries Unlimited 7008
DHC-6 SE-GEE Swed Air JBot 72-17-16
DHC-6 SE-IYP Swede Wings JBot 72-17-17
DHC-6 Canadian a/c in UN markings, all serials JBot 72-96-01
DHC-6 G-BHFD Dan Air final scheme Flight Path 7247
DHC-6 N100AS Alaska Golden Nugget DRAW 72-DHC6-1, Modelcraft 72008
DHC-6 N200AS, N711AS Alaska Golden Nugget DRAW 72-DHC6-1
DHC-6 N705PV, N710PV, N702PV Aloha Island Air Flight Path 7250
DHC-6 Aloha Island Air no details available Liveries Unlimited A7-006
DHC-6 Allegheny early scheme no details available Flight Path 7238
DHC-6 Continental early scheme no details available Flight Path 7224
DHC-6 N6300P Domino's Pizza JBot 72-17-08
DHC-6 N429MA Eastern Metro Express Flight Path 7232
DHC-6 N72GC Grand Canyon Airlines JBot 72-17-12
DHC-6 N912MA Pan Am Express Flight Path 7205, 72005, 72-05
DHC-6 N125SA Perris Skydiving JBot 72-17-14
DHC-6 N49RA Rio Flight Path 7229
DHC-6 N241SA Scenic Airlines JBot 72-17-03
DHC-6 Trans World Express no details available Scaleliners SL7-01
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